Sunday, 1 December 2013

Carers' Rights Day at the Hub

Friday was Carers' Rights Day. We had a great event at the hub and the aim was to raise awareness of the support available to carers in Exeter. And for people who are carers but who don't recognise themselves as carers to register with Devon Carers and receive the support they deserve. So we approached the local press who assured me they would support us by putting in the wonderful piece written by Devon Carers Brana Thorn one week, and the poster for the event the next week. They didn't! Instead they made us one of the seven things to do in Exeter this week.

We had a great time and the afternoon was a great success because we found carers who were entitled to register and hadn't. Success! We had advice for carers with questions on absolutely anything, mince pies, mulled apple juice, henna patterns, Chinese name writing with Hikmat and most Importantly a warm welcome, new friends and a good chat.

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