Monday, 26 March 2012

Bloggy Catch-Up

Friday seems a long time ago but lets see what I can remember about it...
Shillingford came really early and delivered the 'order & collect' vegetables, pilates and Wriggle Rhythms filled the rest of the morning, Penny was in the alley promoting her vegetable order and collection scheme which is really taking off and coffee time was a goodie. Friday afternoons are quiet now and just waiting for someone to fill them with something special. Tai chi was great as always and the plans for World Tai Chi Day celebrations centred at the hub (for the south west region) are taking shape. We will go to the Cathedral Green and Princesshay for parts of the morning on 28th April and back to the hub for tea and cake.

Saturday was an early start. Lucie Benchouiha was running a full day Reiki course, Sophie Headlong-Moore (Wriggle Rhythms teacher 11am Fridays) had her baby fair at the hub and Lottie and I also visited Janette Davey (Daisy Birthing teacher 6:30pm Mondays)'s Children and Baby Market at Magdalen Court School and a multi-cultural bazaar at The Corn Exchange. This is our perfect kind of day...pottering around, looking at stalls, meeting people and nibbling our way through the day. 

Sophie's baby fair was to launch her new Under 1 Roof Baby Newsletter. If you would like a copy you can pick one up at the hub...
After opening up the hub, Lottie and I found time to sit in the sun before town got really busy. 
 This was taken at The Corn Exchange at their fabulous fair.  
My henna pattern
Davy and Penny at Sophie's baby fair. 
Davy's walking group on Wednesday morning will have a special visitor on 4th April so if you are an 'every so often' walker with Davy, I would pop 4th April at 10:45am in you diary.  

Sunday was just gorgeous and, as Exeter seemed to have run out of fairs, Lottie and I went to the quay. There was a 5th birthday party at the hub in the afternoon so we opened up and then went to welcome by little brother home from university. A huge thank you to Ruth and family for such an amazing tidying up job post-party. 

Monday at the hub...
There is a lot of fair sorting to do this week. Andy is heading to Bristol for work so I have asked him to pop into Ikea to get us some more mugs for the fair. We have so few left after six months of vigorous washing up. I think we will get purple ones so they don't clash with the dresser. 

I have a rota of friends to replace my mum who will be away so you can pick your time to visit the fair according to the server you wish to test and torment! I will be there all day too. 
10:30-11:30 Nigel (although he doesn't know this yet!!!)
11:30-12:30 Andy
12:30-1:30 Lynda
1:30-3:30 Zoe with Jo at 2pm 
3:30-4:30 Sparkly Sonia fingers crossed x

Penny will be at the fair selling her vegetables so you will be able to pick up fresh Shillingford Organic vegetables which are being delivered to the hub on Saturday morning at don't get much fresher than that. 

Coffee time today was's a Monday thing! But Nikkie 'Yoga Babies' Huddart and Penny 'Vegetable' Ritson came up with a fabulous idea. The alternate Tuesdays when Arabella isn't running babychino is going to be a Creative Pop Up Writing Zone (name to be tweaked!). It will be a quiet space for people to write, draw, concentrate on assignments etc. We have a lot of fabulous writing groups in Exeter and this will be a chance for people to do their 'homework' in a creative space. Anyone is welcome but from 1:45-2:45pm it will be a silent space with 'help yourself' refreshments followed by an hour of chat/networking/idea-sharing for those that would like to stay on. There will be a small cost per person. Please get in touch if you are interested in coming to the group. 

It was lovely to see Jo today who popped by for a hug, a chat and a bit of mischief. Upstairs Dan stuck his toe into the hub...he'll be knitting his own socks before the year is out!

We have had soooo many enquiries about having a stall at the fair. I am not sure where the sudden influx have come from but it is lovely to be asked. The only thing I am wondering is whether we should use the alley but I think we may need to wait one more month until it is a little bit warmer. 

I have been shopping. We now have a wicker sofa to go at the end of the alley so if people arrive a little bit early for classes they can have a sit down and enjoy the view of the cathedral. I have a noticeboard for the porch so it will be easier to see what is going on in the hub and the health centre. I have a rotating display for community leaflets. I have a table and chairs for the reception in the health centre so when people pop by to plan we will have a place to sit and I have a pavement A-board which will be for the Sustainable Health Centre most of the time but on Craft Fair Days we can put it on the cobbles for the day. This is called getting organised. Just a freezer and I have everything I would really like to make life easier. Arabella, I would still love to buy your A-board P:)

Hannah 'Half of The Craft Hub' Coopland-Smith is craft-sitting Lisa's contemporary crafting group tomorrow as Lisa is in London. Thank you Hannah. She will be making decoupage eggs Easter decorations. 

I have just heard that Lauren 'Through the Magic Door' Blogger & Cake Baker is popping in during coffee time tomorrow to talk about setting up a cake club which may be at the hub. The hub ladies on Facebook certainly like the idea :)

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  1. Phew! Things are really busy and lovely - well done Joey :-)