Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Choir is Performing!

The Magic Carpet Community Choir run by Peter Kyrke-Smith is performing at The Real Food Store on 14th June from 6-8pm

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

My Fairy Mopmother

Last week Stuart from Green My Business (google them - I used them at the cafe and they are fab) popped into the hub in-between meetings at Southernhay House and The Magdalen Chapter. I made him listen to the tale of the stupid plumbers who used my mop to clean things they shouldn't have and how they had contaminated it. A moment ago, a lovely man from Green my Business turned up with a free posh micro fibre mop and probiotic cleaning spray. How fab is that?! I have a new fairy godmother (or mopmother as Victoria calls him) :)

This week I have had some amazing meetings. Yesterday Simon and I went over to CVS to talk with them as well as Magic Carpet, Organic Arts and Double Elephant about a project. This morning I met with Eve Malster who is so lovely and we were talking through all sorts of ideas. Eve is going to start at the hub by running next half terms Crafting Workshops on a Tuesday at noon-1:30pm taking on the reins from Hannah. Eve runs Future Threads and has all sorts of textile art activities lined up. 

It was lovely to bump into Paul Banks from Fresha in town today. It looks like we may have a coffee-tasting competition in the pipeline. 

This evening I am off to our ESENCE meeting where Kate Doodson from COSMIC will be answering our social media questions. Another goody I hope. 

Sharon dropped off some more of her fabulous little Soapdaze soaps as we were running really low. 
At coffee time and knitting group (this blog is's all the sugar from baking club scrambling my brain) we were glitter tattooing. I seemed to miss out but I think I will have a little play in the office in a mo. We even tattooed Bruce who only popped in to talk about his free 'Fun with Numbers' course which starts a week tomorrow. He was asking what we thought about children coming to the group and we agreed that was absolutely fine so if you would like to come and you have a little one that's perfect. 

decorating the mermaid 
Our Exeter Baking Club meeting was great today. Jubilee themed and so lots of meringue, cream, raspberries and blueberries. Lauren will post some fab photos on her blog and I will post a link. My photos aren't great but they give you a taster. Congratulations to Sue who won the 'Baker of the Week' Certificate for her amazing stripy meringues.

For those of you that remember the green star balloon incident, we now have red and blue helium balloons in the ceiling. Against the white they are quite Jubilee-ish! Thank you Kesia 

Monday, 28 May 2012


I know that lots of people have been trying to email. Since Saturday our email has been down so Simon and I are without our main emails. I have had a morning of concerned people letting me know. I am so sorry if this has been frustrating for you. I am really frustrated too. But I am always around on the phone or face-to-face so we'll just have to go back to old fashioned methods of communication. Use your imagination but if you are planning on sending a messenger pigeon, please be aware that I am not good with birds having scared a fledging with a bad leg into the path of oncoming traffic last week when I was trying to help it. It was so sad.  

We have been making at lunchtime. I have a lovely group of children who regularly come to the hub. We made lanterns on Friday and windmills today. 

Yoga Babies teacher Nikkie Huddart gave the new sofas a thumbs up today. Coffee timers did too but out of habit sat on the table and chairs...doh! This afternoon's Make and Takers liked them too. The Make and Take Club's final puppet show was hugely entertaining and it was lovely to sit with a coffee and watch the show this afternoon with all the other parents. I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Hannah and Pip from the Craft Hub for running their Make and Take Club since the end of last year. They have taught us so many crafting techniques. Lottie and my highlights were finger knitting, felting, origami, printing, making puppets, clay modelling and making blossom trees but we have learnt so much. Thank you both. 

We have had excitements today. The NCT Bumps and Babes Coffee Group is going to come to try out the hub on Tuesday afternoons. We have confirmed and finalised 'Come Along and Draw' for 2-3pm on Mondays starting after half term, the posters have gone up for 'Numbers are Fun' on Thursday Mornings and a local group I hugely admire are making enquires about making the hub their home. Who needs email?!!!

We have been looked after this weekend too. Reflexologist Sarah Hewlett gave the St Thomas W.I. a talk last Wednesday and they gave her £20 which she was lovely enough to donate to the hub and I took our buffet tables over to the Cathedral School for their Fair on Friday and they were lovely enough to give us a donation too. Finally a lovely person put a £10 note in our pink pig today. It all really helps and is really appreciated. The same can't be said for LOCOG (the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games) who left £4 in the pig. I say keep it local...those LOCOG-ers clearly don't carry cash.

I am still bouncing around ideas for the Summer so if you are interested in running a group or are looking for a venue then please do get in touch. During the holidays most of our regular groups will take a break leaving space for holiday-only groups to step in. We have storage facilities, tea and coffee facilities, loos, baby-changing, a central location, a fab roof and it's a 7.5 x 7.5 metre hall. 

Tomorrow is Peter & Magic Carpet's Community Choir and the last one before the half term break. It's also Lovely Hannah's last crafting group at the hub (unless she comes back in the future?) and she will be beading. It's so addictive. Lottie and I were beading at the pub on Friday night. We made a fab ring before the food came. Hannah has run a seven week course for us and although we will take a break next week for half term when family crafting will be on, crafting group will be back at noon on Tuesday 12th June. Tomorrow afternoon is our 'Write-In' from 1:30-3:30pm for any budding writers or members of a writing group who would like quiet space to concentrate on their project. The kettles on so you can help yourself to drinks. It's a free session with donations for refreshments. We have real coffee if that is what fuels your creativity. 

I have put a pause on Wednesday's walking group. We didn't have the uptake I had hoped so it wasn't sustainable but I fully intend to run it in the future when there is more interest. Maybe in the Autumn?

Wednesday's Baking Club (1:30-3:30pm) is only a day away. My offering is in the oven and it's worked :) The theme is Jubilee and if you would like to come, bring along a cake (it doesn't have to be crazily complicated - just yummy) and the recipe. A notebook is handy for jotting down other recipes you like and it is £3. It's a bargain and a giggle. 

Come Along and Draw Workshops

'Come Along and Draw' Workshops with artist Jane Burkinshaw on Mondays 2-3pm. Starting for next half term on June 11th. Jane has just exhibited at the wonderful INC gallery. Places limited so it's best to book.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Guided Retreat Day

Come Along & Draw

We have moved Jane's come along and draw to a Monday afternoon a starting the week after half term (June 11th). If you would like to book a place or have any questions please drop by or get in touch.

Getting Crafty

We have been busy bunnies.

Monday’s Make and Take with Hannah and Pip was such wonderful. The children used their puppets to create a puppet show which is a challenge with such a range of characters. 

We have some new sofas arriving in the centre thanks to Tom. We have traded a birthday party venue for the sofas. I am a big fan of trading so if you have a trade you would like to do, I would love to hear it. 

Tuesday's crafting with Hannah was all about Suffolk puffs (or yo-yos). I was planning to make Lottie a jubilee hairband but have some homework to do to get it finished. Lovely wedding dress designer Sarah Treble has given me some of her offcuts. They are beautiful pieces of satin and silk and perfect for the white of the red, white and blue. 

On Tuesday afternoon Simon and I met with Lorna from The Fruit Tree who offer business advice to social enterprises. So we have plans afoot and have made real progress with their support. 
Wednesday was a blur. The children who came in at lunchtime were gluing and sticking with me. There was some impressive knitting and crocheting going on on the other side of the table. 

Last night was Tai Chi night. Sue carried on her Tai Ch on the Cathedral Green

Today we are welcoming Daisi to the hub for a meeting. They are an amazing organisation and at the moment their Olympic Banners' Project is on display in the Cathedral and it is quite something.

My Lottie at the Daisi Olympic Banners'
Exhibition at the Cathedral
This weekend it is the Cathedral School's Summer Fete on the Green and the Exmouth Kite Festical on Sunday

Monday, 21 May 2012

Olympic Torch Events & the Monday After...

We had an amazing weekend in Exeter. The hub was in use all weekend with a course on Saturday and it was used as the media base for the Olympic Torch Celebrations on Sunday. A big thank you to John Harvey (Exeter City Centre Manager) for pointing the media our way.

Please do look on the calendar on the right hand side of the page to see what is going on this week.

Today we had a busy yoga babies. Nikki still has a few spaces if anyone is interested. Penny was in collecting vegetable orders. Penny has so many plans and ideas and it's so good to hear her exciting future plans. Penny's website is if you haven't visited yet.

Lovely Verity and family came in and we drew a giant mermaid together. After Friday's badge-making, I have decided we need to get busy together on Mondays and Fridays. We will have enough art to create our own gallery in a few weeks time!!!

The children that came to Make and Take Club after school on a Monday were improvising their socks off today. Over the last few weeks they have been creating there own puppets with help from Hannah and Pip. They had us all in stitches with the play they created. With characters including Claws, Cleopatra, Diva, Cat, Mermaid, Tree Frog and a Pokemon character that I still can't pronounce (sorry Dan) it was quite a challenge but they were amazing.

The next two dates are set for our cake and craft fairs so please do spread the word, pop a poster up or come along.

I had such a lovely time at Harvest's celebration in Belmont Park on Saturday mostly sitting in the sun drinking coffee and eating crispy cakes. Harvest are a great organisation. You can follow them on Facebook - then you can make sure you don't miss out on what they are doing or go to their website.I bumped into a lady who had been a frequent hub visitor in the early days. She is now fully absorbed in all sorts of exciting things and is studying too. She said it was all thanks to the hub as we helped her back on her feet and it just went from there. So good to hear. 

Rob (from Magic Carpet) and Albie 
Sparkly Sonia at Harvest in Belmont Park

Thursday, 17 May 2012

THIS SATURDAY-Working with Self-Destructiveness

A One Day Workshop
With Andy White
Working with Self-Destructiveness
This one day workshop is for practicing counsellors who would like to strengthen their ability to work with issues of self-destructiveness in their client group. We will look at the subject from psychodynamic, humanistic and transpersonal perspectives.This day will be as much about how we sabotage our potential and prevent ourselves from growing as it will be about self harm per se. 
Venue; The Hub on the Green, 8 Cathedral Green, Exeter 
Date   ; Sat 19th May 
Time   ; 10am- 4pm.
Cost    ; £40 concessions available.
Contact; 01769 581 720
Andy White, Dip Adv Ex Psych., Dip RF., Dip Adv HIPS., Dip Psychosynthesis., has been a practising psychotherapist for 20 years and is author of ‘Going Mad to Stay Sane’ a psychology of self-destructiveness (Duckworth 1996), and ‘The Living Dream’ ( Self and Society 2001). He has taught transpersonal psychology at Birkbeck college in London, Findhorn in Scotland, UDLA in Mexico, The Iron Mill in Exeter and the Centre for Humanistic psychology and Counselling. Images and words at 

Foraging Courses - Wild-Medicine

Here is the information on the up and coming course lead by herbalist Simon Mills and forager Robin Harford:

Wild Medicine Wild Food

Wild Medicine Wild Food Courses
Come on an amazing 3 hour plant walk and discover how you can use the plants growing around you to enliven a healthy diet and provide simple home remedies.

Plants As Medicine

Many common wayside plants were stock home remedies for centuries. We only stopped using them when modern medicines became more effective and accessible. However plants have some very useful properties that are worth rediscovering. These are also very easy to learn and even in a short walk you can pick up some useful tips to safely help with common everyday health problems.
This walk will include a handout for you to take notes and tick off the plants that we find on our way.

Plants As Food

Wild edible plants are the ultimate in ‘local’ and ‘seasonal’ food. Historically wild plants have always been a source of nourishment for country people. Foraging re-awakens your senses so you gain a greater appreciation of land, and your place in the natural cycles and rhythms of the seasons.
During this part of the walk you will be shown how to identify wild edible plants, as well as learn the different plant stories, their nutritional values, folklore, mystery and history. A minimum of 20 edible wild plants are usually covered.

About Simon Y. Mills MA FCPP FNIMH

Simon is Cambridge graduate in medical sciences who has been a herbal practitioner in Exeter since 1977. In that time he has led the main professional and trade organisations for herbal medicine in the UK and served on Government and House of Lords committees. He has also written the standard textbooks used by people training to be herbal practitioners around the world. He co-founded the first University centre for complementary health studies in Exeter in 1987, the first integrated health course at a UK medical school at the Peninsula Medical School in Exeter and the first masters degree programme in herbal medicine in the USA.
Simon is currently Managing Director of SustainCare Community Interest Company, a non-profit social enterprise that is setting up a new evidence-base and educational programme for the use of plant remedies, and is integrating this with other community approaches to self care.

About Robin Harford

Robin forages everyday, and is creator of the UK’s leading wild food site His foraging courses have been recommended in the BBC Good Food Magazine, Guardian, Green Parent, Ecologist, GQ etc. He has taught at Eden Project, been featured on BBC2 Edwardian Farm and consults with TV companies and celebrity chefs.

When, Where & How Much?

Saturday, 23rd June 2012
Saturday, 7th July 2012

What Others Have Been Saying…

“I really enjoyed the plant walk and found it fascinating. I want to find and eat more wild foods, and the walk gave me the confidence to give it a go.” – Catherine Miles
“The day was great. I enjoyed learning more about nutrition and wild eating and have learned loads of invaluable things about food foraging for when I’m out and about. Thanks.” – Grant Finlayson
“We absolutely loved the course: fascinating and deeply therapeutic. Robin is a brilliant communicator and his courses are excellent value for money too.” – Naomi Cleaver, Channel 4 & Sky Presenter
“You have so much information to share on wild plants, which I found fascinating.  I am really a beginner in the world of foraging, but it has given me much more confidence in identifying plants which are good to eat, and has broadened my selection of wild salad which was previously restricted to nettles and dandelions!” – Pauline McCrann
“The wild food walk took us no more than a mile in 2hrs. In that time we were introduced to over 25 plants that up until now have simply been wandered past or ignored as weeds. Their uses, taste and method of preparation were all covered, giving us a brand new larder to choose from – all free too! I would personally like to thank Robin. His knowledge and appreciation for the natural world is quite clearly without compare and it was our privilege to have entered his world, if only for a brief time”. – Major John Hayward

Tomorrow at the Hub on the Green

Tomorrow at the Hub on the Green: 
9:45-10:00am Matwork Pilates, 
11am-11:55am Come Along & Draw
12noon-1:30pm Coffee Time
1:30-3:00pm Movement & Dance
3:00-4:30pm Drama & Fun
for more details go to

Welcoming the Torch Fun Day Events

Exeter Baking Club - First Meeting

Exeter Baking Club yesterday was great. There was a lot of excitement about it in the run up and talk of what people would be making on the theme of ‘Favourites’. 
Lauren turned up with beautiful plates and cake forks and some of us brought our own fork and plate set (cake tastes so much better off china plates). Lauren had balloons, bunting and banners too. We all had our photos taken with our bakes and laid out all the cakes with the recipes alongside on the table and then we got stuck in. There were a lot of cakes to try and as we were voting later it was important to have a taste of everything. 
Geraldine was awarded the certificate for Baker of the Week with her yummy American Walnut Nougat Cake. 
And Lauren has blogged about the whole wonderful session on her website here... and she's blogged it beautifully :)

Crafting with Hannah

On Tuesday Hannah taught us the art of making beaded flowers and we were totally engrossed. It was magical to take such simple equipment and turn them into such fabulous little creations. It was crafting by numbers as we had a pattern to follow so it was just up my street and most of the group headed straight down to Bunyip on Fore Street to get our own beads and wire so we can carry on at home.

 Crafting Group is on Tuesday at noon-1:30pm at the Hub on the Green.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

New News on Hub Events, Groups and Workshops

I'm buzzing and the week hasn't even started yet!

We have two NEW groups this week...
Exeter Baking Club & Magic Carpet's Stepping Stones Movement & Dance

We are also taking bookings for Jane Burkinshaw's 'Come & Draw' workshops and Wendy Brookings 'Kitchen Cosmetics Workshop' 

We also have spaces on the following:Margaret Morris Movement - Mondays - 2-3pmMagic Carpet Community Choir - Tuesdays - 10:30am-12 noonCrafting Workshops - Tuesdays - 12 noon-1:30pmBabyccino - alternate Tuesdays - 1:30-3:30pmWrite-In (quiet writing space) - alternate Tuesdays - 1:30-3:30pmKnitting Group - Wednesdays - 12 noon - 1:30pmExeter Baking Club - Thursdays - 1:30-3:30pmTai Chi - Wednesdays - 6:30-7:45pmMatwork Pilates (taught by Osteopath Teresa Thirwell) - Fridays - 9:45-1:45am
Please ring Joey on 01392 213899 or 07950 961751 or email for more information or with any questions


Thursday, 10 May 2012

Come Along & Draw

Dates and times to be finalised really soon...

Pregnancy and Baby Fair at the hub...

Working with Self-Destructiveness

A One Day Workshop with Andy White
Working with Self-Destructiveness

This one day workshop is for practicing counsellors who would like to strengthen their ability to work with issues of self-destructiveness in their client group. We will look at the subject from psychodynamic, humanistic and transpersonal perspectives.This day will be as much about how we sabotage our potential and prevent ourselves from growing as it will be about self harm per se. 

 Venue; The Hub on the Green, 8Cathedral Green, Exeter 
 Date   ; Sat 19th May 
 Time   ; 10am- 4pm.
 Cost    ; £40 concessions available.
 Contact; 01769 581 720

Andy White, Dip Adv Ex Psych., Dip RF., Dip Adv HIPS., Dip Psychosynthesis., has been a practising psychotherapist for 20 years and is author of ‘Going Mad to Stay Sane’ a psychology of self-destructiveness (Duckworth 1996), and ‘The Living Dream’ ( Self and Society 2001). He has taught transpersonal psychology at Birkbeck college in London, Findhorn in Scotland, UDLA in Mexico, The Iron Mill in Exeter and the Centre for Humanistic psychology and Counselling. Images and words 

Tai Chi on Wednesdays