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Foraging Courses - Wild-Medicine

Here is the information on the up and coming course lead by herbalist Simon Mills and forager Robin Harford:

Wild Medicine Wild Food

Wild Medicine Wild Food Courses
Come on an amazing 3 hour plant walk and discover how you can use the plants growing around you to enliven a healthy diet and provide simple home remedies.

Plants As Medicine

Many common wayside plants were stock home remedies for centuries. We only stopped using them when modern medicines became more effective and accessible. However plants have some very useful properties that are worth rediscovering. These are also very easy to learn and even in a short walk you can pick up some useful tips to safely help with common everyday health problems.
This walk will include a handout for you to take notes and tick off the plants that we find on our way.

Plants As Food

Wild edible plants are the ultimate in ‘local’ and ‘seasonal’ food. Historically wild plants have always been a source of nourishment for country people. Foraging re-awakens your senses so you gain a greater appreciation of land, and your place in the natural cycles and rhythms of the seasons.
During this part of the walk you will be shown how to identify wild edible plants, as well as learn the different plant stories, their nutritional values, folklore, mystery and history. A minimum of 20 edible wild plants are usually covered.

About Simon Y. Mills MA FCPP FNIMH

Simon is Cambridge graduate in medical sciences who has been a herbal practitioner in Exeter since 1977. In that time he has led the main professional and trade organisations for herbal medicine in the UK and served on Government and House of Lords committees. He has also written the standard textbooks used by people training to be herbal practitioners around the world. He co-founded the first University centre for complementary health studies in Exeter in 1987, the first integrated health course at a UK medical school at the Peninsula Medical School in Exeter and the first masters degree programme in herbal medicine in the USA.
Simon is currently Managing Director of SustainCare Community Interest Company, a non-profit social enterprise that is setting up a new evidence-base and educational programme for the use of plant remedies, and is integrating this with other community approaches to self care.

About Robin Harford

Robin forages everyday, and is creator of the UK’s leading wild food site His foraging courses have been recommended in the BBC Good Food Magazine, Guardian, Green Parent, Ecologist, GQ etc. He has taught at Eden Project, been featured on BBC2 Edwardian Farm and consults with TV companies and celebrity chefs.

When, Where & How Much?

Saturday, 23rd June 2012
Saturday, 7th July 2012

What Others Have Been Saying…

“I really enjoyed the plant walk and found it fascinating. I want to find and eat more wild foods, and the walk gave me the confidence to give it a go.” – Catherine Miles
“The day was great. I enjoyed learning more about nutrition and wild eating and have learned loads of invaluable things about food foraging for when I’m out and about. Thanks.” – Grant Finlayson
“We absolutely loved the course: fascinating and deeply therapeutic. Robin is a brilliant communicator and his courses are excellent value for money too.” – Naomi Cleaver, Channel 4 & Sky Presenter
“You have so much information to share on wild plants, which I found fascinating.  I am really a beginner in the world of foraging, but it has given me much more confidence in identifying plants which are good to eat, and has broadened my selection of wild salad which was previously restricted to nettles and dandelions!” – Pauline McCrann
“The wild food walk took us no more than a mile in 2hrs. In that time we were introduced to over 25 plants that up until now have simply been wandered past or ignored as weeds. Their uses, taste and method of preparation were all covered, giving us a brand new larder to choose from – all free too! I would personally like to thank Robin. His knowledge and appreciation for the natural world is quite clearly without compare and it was our privilege to have entered his world, if only for a brief time”. – Major John Hayward

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