Tuesday, 27 December 2011

TEDx Conference

Flicking though the Northcott Theatre brochure (because I was given tickets for Christmas) I stumbled across the TEDx Conference which I have now booked a place at. It looks great and I hope it will be really helpful. 

TEDx events are all about ideas worth spreading. TEDxExeter will be an inspirational day conference of talks, performance and films. Our speakers and performers are people who are changing the world through their ground breaking work and ideas. They include Chris Anderson, curator of TED; Tony Juniper, environmental and sustainability adviser and campaigner; Satish Kumar, ecological activist; Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, writer, broadcaster and food campaigner; Scilla Elworthy, global peace builder; Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition Movement; Mike Dickson, founder of Whizz-Kidz and philanthropy adviser; Lily Lapenna, pioneering social entrepreneur; and Peter Cox, Professor of Climate System Dynamics.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Echo Again - love it!


We are in the Echo again thanks to Hannah and Pip from The Craft Hub

Confession time...

I have double standards. There I said it! It will come back and bite me I am sure (Andy will quote it one or two times). You see I am always right (!!!) and I am as stubborn as a mule.

Rule number 37: I don't eat colourings.
Rule number 38: I don't eat blue things. And I don't eat blue things because since eating a blue ice-cream in Belgium my face does funny things when I do. Toothpaste, gummy sweets, mouthwash, icing...blue things make my lips swell so I look like I have had bad lip fillers. This is all relevant because this week I got well and truly involved in Kiss and Bake Up's online 'Bagsy'. K.A.B.U. list boxes of cakes and cookies and people bagsy them and K.A.B.U. deliver them. My delivery date was tonight during choir. So I had my phone on vibrate on my lap (exceeding bad manners, I know) and during coffee time they rang. I ran to the rendezvous point in Southernhay. Brilliant. M&M cinnamon oatmeal cookies with a rainbow vanilla buttercream filling. And I have been dreaming of these since I had my first at The Craft Hub's Fair in Topsham.
But eeek! Look at them:

But they taste so good.

I ate three!

And they have started to work their magic. Lottie just came to give me a kiss goodnight and apparently my cheeks are burning. I look like I've been slapped and I fully expect to get worse. Was it worth it? Yes I think it was.

Tonight we had out second Christmas sing. It was brilliant. Peter and Rob were wonderful and we had a great turn out and I think we sounded great. Plus we sang Boney M's version of Mary's Boy Child - brilliant! It was a lovely celebration of Christmastime made all the more comfortable thanks to the loan of chairs from Dan upstairs. Sean arranged for some of the Argentine Tango group to come and dance during the break so Felix and Isobel danced. Entrancing and beautiful. Thank you Sean, Felix and Isobel.

Tomorrow is our last coffee time for a while. We will be open from noon and then we will be closed until after the new year, opening again on 4th January with a new timetable of excitements for 2012 including choir on Tuesday mornings form 10-12noon starting on 17th January.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011


Today I sneaked out whilst the patients were being treated to collect our new toy and no one would have noticed had it not been for the giant marble run that suddenly appeared in reception.

Rainbow Toys is closing down tomorrow and thanks to Sophie Headlong-Moore's determination not to let the wonderful marble run from the shop slip away from her and her Thirza, I bought it and today I collected it. Not without the odd hitch or two but that just makes its arrival all the more satisfying. Rainbow Toys also gave us a huge bag of marbles so we are happy and lucky bunnies today. It was a good to have a good middle to the day as it was a rough start (that's a terrific sentence Joey!). Our internet has been down for a few days and BT sent the engineer to Essex rather than Exeter. I can't believe it but the engineer definitely phoned from Essex to say he couldn't find our road. I'm not surprised. Never mind. Poor Peter who came in to talk choir and croissant had the pleasure of watching me at my most forceful and poor Pam who was at other end of the phone got to feel it.
At this point I was headless chicken-like...
looking for an allen key to make it smaller


Love it!

Sophie popped in with little Thirza who gave the marble run a good test with little Alfie.

Dan was today's night in shining armour with emergency internet support although I went off him a little when he said he had never had a problem with BT. Just us then?!

Davey started his walking group today and I heard really good things about it on their return. He WILL be running a group next Wednesday starting at 10:45am at the hub even though the hub will be closed. The week after the hub will be open again and there will be coffee afterwards. There are walk for health groups that run all over Exeter and I am so pleased that we have a hub one. Thank you Davey. I handed out honeycomb recipes and undid all his hard work. I'm here to help!

Coffee time was bustling and my lovely mum came in to help look after the reception. She did that and also gave the place a good once over and so it looks so sparkly now. Clever Rachel/mum - thank you.

TOMORROW is Magic Carpet and Peter's choir. I have put in my requests (perk of the job!) and if there isn't Mary's Boy Child Boney M style I will never be speaking to Peter again which he may well count as a blessing.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Walking Group Starts Tomorrow

Davey's gentle walk from the hub via the quay and back to the hub for coffee starts tomorrow. Meet at the hub at 10:45am and ends at noonish. Perfect for gentle walkers and children, people getting back on their feet or people who walk slowly because they like to cant (that's me!) The next walk will be on Wednesday 4th January at the same time and will be weekly.

I Just Love It...

The lovely Lisa Purchase came by today and challenged us to make woven heart treasure keepers (not Lisa's term, I think she had a snapper title but I missed it as I was making coffees). Lisa also showed us how to make tree table decorations using a single magazine. She's just brilliant. She arrives with a bag or two and 90 minutes later we have all made something to treasure and if the other children are like Lottie they went home and made a lot more. 

Tomorrow, at coffee time, I will be making more woven hearts. They are so satisfying to make. If you scroll down you will see Lisa's magazine trees. Grandpa Peter now has one in the centre of his table and I am off to hunt down my copies of Olive to transform. 

I also fell in love today. Darren gave me a tour of The Institute next door to the hub and I cannot tell you how much I fell in love it. It was immediate. As soon as I walked into the library... the smell, the books, the chairs, the magic, the history, the people pouring over old maps, the newspaper from the 1700s which Roger let look at, the housekeeper, the dining room, the paintings and the cutlery. Everything. Fabulous. Simply fabulous. I'm not sure I want to work any more...I want to sit and pour over old maps and old newspapers and do the Times crossword - the cryptic one (until I get wriggly or stuck then I will return to my hub). Thank you Darren.

Monday, 19 December 2011


Well today was a bit of a whirlwind. Mondays often are. I managed to pop out to buy two new heaters for the hub and dash to the post office in a break between patients. I have decided that halogen heaters are the way to go in this cold spell and I was really toasty today during coffee time as a result.

We had some brilliant visitors today. People collecting last minute presents, people who had never been in before, children coming in to play, two ladies - one who found the other on the Cathedral Green looking lost and helped her find the hub (they are now firm friends and have swapped numbers), old friends and people who just popped in to see the ceiling. I met one of those kick up the backside people today. Someone who makes you realise how damn lucky you are and that a lot of what we spend our time wrapped up in and worrying about is so pointless. I need to remember that even when I am not with her.

Tomorrow is Lisa Purchase (our art teacher)'s family crafting for £4 a family. It is an opportunity for parents/grandparents and children to get stuck into something together. Now we have no idea how many to expect tomorrow (live dangerously!) so it's going to be an 'all hands on deck' session. I am really looking forward to seeing what Lisa will be doing with us.

See you tomorrow!

The Great Cake Bagsy

If you are a Facebook user, the fabulous and local Kiss and Bake Up are doing an online cake bagsy until 11pm tonight. I've bagged my favourite cookies :) 

Go to http://www.facebook.com/kissandbakeup to take a look. Such a clever idea. 


The Pasta Pesto Pledge

There are various people that I have been stalking/following online for many years and this is an email from one of them. I first got interested in food banks when running the cafe in Cullompton and hoped that we could in some way be involved but I found there just weren't enough hours in the day (there still aren't...moan moan moan) but it doesn't mean these people get forgotten just banked. In fact in saying that I realise that there are enough hours in the day and we have a choice of how to use them. Maybe I should have used them differently. Humph. I'll think about that later. 

It is just a gentle reminder that at this time of year when many people are excessive in their eating that others are struggling. Thank goodness for people like Geoffrey who continue to keep us up to date on how he chooses to spend his time. 

The Devon & Cornwall Food Association presents:
The Pasta Pesto Pledge!

As well as environmental impact of landfill, increasing food prices and recession have meant a high rise in demand for food by those most in need. The Devon & Cornwall Food Association's (DCFA) 'FullFilling' project aims to divert quality in-date food from landfill and use this to supply organisations in Devon and Cornwall that feed disadvantaged people. DCFA currently supports around 15 local organisations including Age Concern, Foodbank and The Shekinah Mission.

In the first 42 weeks of running (with only volunteers and no premises) DCFA prevented almost 11,500 litres of milk as well as large quantities of cream from going to landfill, saving more than £11,000 for charitable organisations who could use the money to support more people. (See our weekly statistics for the latest updates.) DCFA is now seeking funding to expand its pilot to include many more food suppliers. This requires permanent premises, training funds, transport and staff to manage the process and support our committed volunteers.

To make this a reality DCFA is asking you to get involved in our 'Pasta Pesto Pledge'. This involves swapping a more expensive meal for Pasta Pesto (one of the cheapest and healthiest meals around) and donating the difference to the DCFA via 
localgiving.com. This could be a family meal once a week, a one off event or a Pasta Pesto Party for the whole community. Furthermore, every pound donated vialocalgiving.com could be matched. There is a cap, so the quicker you donate the more money the DCFA is likely to get and the more vulnerable people will be fed this winter. If you don't like Pasta Pesto, then be creative or donate anyway!

Please email saudigeoff@yahoo.co.uk if you would like to become a friend of DCFA and receive regular updates about how your money is making a difference.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

New Walking Group with Davey Johnson

I thought you might like to know...

Davey Johnson who runs Walks for Health has decided to run a walking group on Wednesday mornings which will start at The Hub on the Green. The first walk will be on Wednesday 21st December and the group will meet at the hub at 10:45am and return back at 12 noon in time for coffee time. The group will walk gently (Davey says at toddler walking pace) and the only tricky bit will be the slope down to the quay which may be tricky for some people. Everyone is welcome from those getting back on their feet, those taking up gentle exercise, those who want a good chat and parents with little ones (walking or in prams). Davey is great fun to be around and is passionate about walking and its benefits. I would love to be there but I have to cover reception in the health centre so I will be sitting on my backside whilst others reap the benefits but I hope to be able to join in the walks in the new year. 

Friday, 16 December 2011

Next week at the Hub

It's the holidays...hurray! Well it's not the holidays for me but it is for schooly people. So next week I am expecting company from all the little people who miss out on hub coffee time because school kind of gets in the way.

On Monday we have coffee time at noon - 1:30pm, on Tuesday Lisa Purchase (fabulous art and crafts teacher) is running a family crafting session for £4 a family, Wednesday is coffee times and knitting if you want to, the hub is closed on Thursday but Friday will be our last session before we break over Christmas and new year. I will be there on Friday until 1:30pm and ready to sprint out of the door at 1:30pm as Lottie, Mum and I have our annual trip to Quirk Theatre at the phoenix at 2pm. This year it's The Princess and the Goblin and we have front row seats so fingers crossed the goblin is devilishly handsome and not very scary. If you haven't seen Quirk Theatre they are brilliant. The thought of the Crab Fandango from a couple of years ago still makes me smile.

If you would like to hire The Hub on the Green over the holidays for one reason or another get in touch.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Our First Exhibition

Details of the University of Exeter's Geography Departments exhibition...http://iwanttodiscussthat.wordpress.com/


Bloomin' Brilliant

Sometimes I step outside of my comfort zone and although it is not easy to do, after the event I look back and can't believe I would have missed whatever it was. When I look back on how many fun times I must have turned down over the years because I was worried about something, or didn't want to look silly or it was easier not to go - I must have missed some great times. The reason for saying this is that tonight I joined the choir. I don't sing in front of people. I have been scared of singing for 25 years since I was once told I couldn't. I know I am one of many who feel the same. But tonight I went to the hub's new community choir, organised by Magic Carpet and led by Peter. I didn't sing at the start. My Lottie did. She's a great little singer. But then I thought "Why not?" I thought, "What's the worse that can happen?". So I put Lottie on 'out of tune' duty. A quick elbow in the ribs and I would know to stop. But she didn't lay a finger on me. She said I was fine. And I loved it. I sang songs that I have listened to other people sing for years. It is true that singing is good for you - for the spirit and the lungs. So tonight, instead of collapsing on the sofa and blogging, I went out to join a choir. I sang, I drank tea, I met new people, I got the odd hug and made music!

Bloomin' brilliant.

Thank you Peter and Rob (and all the singers).

For Everyone!


All's quiet at the hub today because it's Thursday and that's  the day we take whole day or half day bookings so I don't get any coffee today and I don't get a good chat or to build towers with little people. But I do get to sit on reception and see all our patients. It's a busy time here. It must be people sorting themselves out ready for the Christmas holidays. I am eating my way through my crispy cakes and looking forward to tonight's big sing.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Moving into 2012

I started the day by making chocolate crispy cake christmas puddings and delivering them to everyone in the building in exchange for the use of upstairs' microwave. I put them in paper cases which are slippery little suckers when put on a plate so poor Tim had his thrown all over his desk on delivery. 

It was the Babysign Christmas party today which I missed because we had a practitioner meeting (which I forgot to take the crispy cakes to). Looking at the aftermath of the Christmas party, I realised I had missed a treat...bubbles, sprinkles, glitter, songs. But the good news in that on Friday, Sophie has another party for Wriggle Rhythms and I am not missing that one. 

Knitting was lovely and gentle today. Penny unknitted a hat, Sophie made a jumper that may fit her Thirza in 5 years time, Liz knitted a Tombliboo's leg and I played with Penny. That's one of the highlights of my week but it's not improving my knitting. We sang Let's Go Fly a Kite together (see I do sing really Peter), played with nail polish and ate crispy cakes. 

The afternoon flew by. Time ran away with me and I nearly missed Lottie pick up time. I even had to do a bit of running.

The practitioners have lots of ideas and lots of knowledge to share. In case you didn't know we have a practice next door with herbalists, osteopaths, acupuncturists, Alexander technique teachers, reflexologists, massage therapists and Feldenkrais teachers. All of whom have a tremendous amount of knowledge in their particular field and all of whom have to be spot on in order to be part of the Sustainable Health Centre. I am hoping that we can put the practitioners to good use in helping us all with the things we struggle with day to day - stress and anxiety, feeling tired, sleep problems, constant sniffles, etc.

I want 2012 to be great at the hub. 

The hub is going to be closed between Saturday 24th December and Monday 2nd January (unless you are going to Janette's Birthing Class). I want to use this time to catch my breath, spend some time with Lottie and get my head around some of the things I need to do to polish 
in terms of what we do at the hub. So if you have any ideas, constructive criticism, things you like, things you don't - it would be really really helpful to hear them. I only see the hub the way I see the hub and it is useful to know how others see it and how other people want it to be used. 

The other EXCITEMENT is that Lisa (maybe Crazy Lisa) is doing a family crafting session on Tuesday at noon. The last one she did at half term was our halloween lantern making and the hub was awash with excitement and black and orange tissue paper. It is £4 per family and I know we have got lots of people coming. There's no need to book. Just come along and join in. 
Lisa's last family crafting session

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

This week at the hub

This week:

We are open for teas, coffees, biscuits and whatever else ends up on the table between 12 noon and 1:30pm every day.

This morning is crafting group with Lisa at noon. Just pop along.
Tonight at 6:30pm we have Feldenkrais with Klaas Overzee.
Tomorrow morning is Gentle Hatha Yoga with Roberta Hutchins and 9:45am.
Tomorrow at noon we have Rachael's knitting group - a chance to slow down and have a good chat. 
Tomorrow at 2pm is Babysign with Sophie Headlong-Moore. 
Thursday evening is our Christmas sing with Peter Kyrke-Smith & Magic Carpet. All welcome but you do need to book through Rob on 01392 422938.
Friday we have Sophie's Wriggle Rhythms at 11am and coffee time at noon.

We also have the University of Exeter's geography student's exhibition in the hub until Friday. 

Booking for next year:
Yoga for 9-12 year olds (Tuesdays 4-5pm - starting 17/1/12)
Baby Yoga (Mondays 10:30-11:30am - 5 week course starting 16/1/12)
Gentle Hatha Yoga (Wednesdays 9:45-10:45am)
Pilates (Tuesdays 6:30-7:30pm and Fridays (9:45-10:45am)
Women's Network Beat the Blues Sessions (Fridays 2-4pm)
CVS open meeting for Big Communities Living Sustainably Initiative (11th January)
Daisy Birthing Classes (6 week courses ongoing)
Tai Chi (Fridays 6-8pm)
Transition Exeter Skills Swaps (Fridays from noon)
Crafting sessions (Tuesdays from noon)
Knitting Group (Wednesdays from noon)
The Craft Hub's Make and Take Group for 5-11 year olds (Monday 4-5pm)
Magic Carpet Community Choir (Tuesdays 10-12 noon)
Wriggle Rhythms (Fridays 11-12noon)
BabySign (Wednesdays 2-3pm)
Homebirth Trust meeting (10th January)
as well as plans for more baby fair and cake and craft fairs.

If you would like to use the hub for a class, course or private meeting please do get in touch. 

Monday, 12 December 2011

Blog Hijack!

A Message from a very tall, possibly magical, singing elf... – i.e. Peter Kyrke-Smith, Magic Carpet and the Hub’s answer to Gareth Malone!
Joey has very kindly let me do some of her (always brilliant) blog for today, just to introduce myself to all you readers, and to say something about the 2 great Christmas singing sessions coming up at The Hub THIS Thursday (December 15) and NEXT Thursday (December 22) – both from 5.30 to 7.30, and including a break in the middle for refreshments – Singing With The Angels!  (If you know The Hub, you’ll know why we’ve called them this!)
I’ve had the fantastic pleasure and privilege of doing all sorts of  singing and musical things with people over the past 15-20 years, with choirs, schools, theatres, community groups and individual singers -  and so I was DELIGHTED when Rob from Magic Carpet asked me if I’d like to set up a new daytime community choir, starting in January 2012 and based at The Hub, and to set the ball rolling with a couple of big Christmas sings.
Just as it will be with the Magic Carpet Community Choir in January, absolutely anyone and everyone is welcome to come along and Sing with the Angels! - just as long as you want to sing! - or at least give it a go!   
We’ll be doing a mix of ‘classic’ Christmas songs (think White Christmas, Winter Wonderland, All I Want For Christmas Is My Two front Teeth, Santa Baby and many more…!) and lots of traditional carols, with a few other heart-warming songs thrown in that you may or may not know, including the deeply moving Lost Satsuma Song…!
There is just one aim for each of the evenings : to have great fun, singing away to your heart’s content in  excellent company, and in one of Exeter’s most amazing, secret old buildings.
Be there! – but book now (via The Magic Carpet office on 01392-422938) to avoid disappointment!  The Hub is a wonderful place to sing, but we think 40 people really is about the upper limit numbers wise.
Peter Kyrke-Smith
p.s. and yes, The Magic Carpet Community Choir – open to anyone and everyone who wants to come along and sing on a Tuesday morning – will be starting at The Hub on Tuesday January 17, 2012.   We’ll start singing (all sorts of great songs!) at 10.30 each week, and finish by 12, but Joey’s wonderful brews of coffee, tea etc will be available from 10 o’clock.
Again, get in touch with The Magic Carpet office on 01392-422938 to find out more, or book a place for the first session.
p.p.s. and to find out more about some of the brilliant work Magic Carpet has been doing in Exeter and Devon for the past 30 years, have a look at their website : www.magiccarpet-arts.org.uk .  Their whole focus is on using the Arts to promote health and well-being for all groups and individuals in the community – and they share my total belief that SINGING IS GOOD FOR YOU! and… EVERYONE CAN SING! 
(This includes Joey, who keeps telling me she can’t sing and won’t sing!!  I give her about 10 minutes this Thursday evening before she can’t help it!)

The Next Two Thursdays...

For the next two Thursdays, I strongly recommend you come to Magic Carpet's Christmas Sing with Peter and then go Christmas shopping (we finish at 7:30pm and the shops are open until 9pm). It will well and truly put you in a chirpy Christmassy mood. I may wear my antlers and dress Lottie as an elf. Book through Rob (his number is below):

So clever...but a little 'Red Dwarf'

For our board meeting yesterday, we had three in the room and three on Skype. It was ridiculously clever and saved a lot of time and money and fuel... blooming marvellous technology. 

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Lucky Me!

It's been an amazing weekend Hubwise and Joeywise. Friday was organised chaos. We had Wriggle Rhythms which was fabulously busy and lots of fun as always which ended at noon and Skills-Swap began. Penny was swapping knitting tips and Simon showed people how to make a warming tea for coughs and colds and Arabella discussed her reusable wipes and bags for babies with Penny. This ended at 1:30 and the 60ish geography students arrived for their 'lecture' with Ian Cook. Two hours later the Hub had been transformed from Santa's grotto (David, Darren and my handwork) into an exhibition space. The 3rd year students have been looking at the financial crisis and these exhibits and interactive displays are their take on the situation with ideas for what could be done to encourage us to make a difference. The exhibition will be here until Friday and the students would really like your comments in their book. It really is good fun as well as being thought-provoking and informative.

Whilst all this was going on I had Phonic FM DJ's in through the door, mulled wine on the go, a delivery of minced pie and mulled wine to make - even though it was rebuffed... don't worry Dan I will get over it :(
It all felt chaotic but all good.

Saturday Phd Student Jack looked after the exhibition whilst it was open to the public. I spent most of the day in and out of the hub and the Phoenix where Unique Boutique was in full flow. I discovered croissants that were so good I had to go back for a second and cheesy chips that were so tempting a lot were pinched. I bumped into all sorts of people and made plans for next year as well as buying a very cool baby grow with a screen printed robot on it that may or may not fit Lottie's little sister. Fingers crossed.

I also helped at the school's Christmas fair, on the toy stall. I picked up some toys to live with Peppa Pig and friends in the hub and picked up some things from Pipers Farm although they had sold out of my favourite rolled shoulder of lamb. Apparently it is my fault for telling everyone how good it is and what a bargain it is. So I am telling you now it is terrible. Stop buying it! And Michael please save me one for next weekend.

Today I went to The Craft Hub's Twinkling Firs Fair in Topsham. It was fabulous. I am internet stalking KABU (Kiss and Bake Up). She makes utterly spectacular things and I bought some of her vanilla buttercream-filled cinnamon oatmeal M&M cookies. They were so good it had gone before I reached the car. Lottie has one to look forward to later. I bought some Christmassy things too. I also won on the raffle - twice! And after winning first prize at the school Christmas Fair yesterday I am feeling I have been hit by the lucky stick.

This afternoon is our AGM and Simon and Alex have just pulled into the car park so I have to go. No spell-checking or grammar checking (so Jane you can have a field day!) and I will check it later. Back to business :)

Friday, 9 December 2011

Starting Fridays as I mean to go on...

At noon today Penny is coming in to do some exciting sharing with us. She is going to start with mince pies and christmas muffins and I have a vat of clotted cream so that's a good start. I also have some mulled wine that was kindly left by the ladies of the craft hub last night. I think that sounds like the start of a good party! But if you prefer coffee and biscuits we can do that for you too. 

Thursday, 8 December 2011

The Great Crafty Swap Party

Hannah and Pip from the Craft Hub came armed with mulled wine, cava and white wine as well as crostini, pretzels and crispies (they know how to make friends) for the Crafty Swap Party. I traded in some crafty bits for 2 red stickers meaning I had £10 to spend when the swap began. Then we chattered and mingled and I highlighted names in blue when they came through the door. Lovely Rach said, "Why am I highlighted in blue?!" with a slightly paranoid air. If only I had a faster brain..."Because you're here!" Get that woman an bucks fizz and quick! I think the parking in Exeter nearly finished off some of the group so a relaxing evening and a vat of mulled wine was just the tonic.

I am so so so so so pleased with my swap but as usual I can't say what it is as it is a present. But I cannot believe how perfect it is and even better, I cleared out things I didn't want - blooming perfect. Genius. I love The Craft Hub ladies. And tomorrow if you come to the hub I have a LARGE tub of clotted cream that the ladies left with me along with scones and jam so it's party time at noon tomorrow.

The great clotted cream eating competition will coincide with Penny's skills swap. Perfect!

Baby Fair News

Oh boy oh boy did you shop today! We had some happy sellers and some happy buyers. Sophie Headlong-Moore worked really hard to put on the Baby Fair today and there were lots of relaxed parents, grandparents and little ones. I had lots of little playmates and people were asking when the next one is. That's a real success. Well done Sophie and team.