Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Hub News

This week we are open for coffee and a play from 12 noon-1:30pm on Wednesday 1st August and Friday 3rd August.

This Saturday 4th August is our Cake and Craft Fair and it's looking great. I would love a bit of sunshine. It would be the first time we could use the alley for a fair since we started them last September. Fingers crossed.

I had a great meeting this afternoon with Lorna from The Fruit Tree. The Fruit Tree offer business support. Debbie and Lorna (The Fruit Tree-ers) are also really lovely people. You can follow The Fruit Tree on Facebook or Twitter. Worth doing if you are a local business or organisation.

I spent Monday interviewing applicants for a new post at Magic Carpet (a local charity). Again, if you don't know what they do have a look at their website. It was a great day and they have appointed a great person.

The timetable is filling up for September which is fabulous. Do remember the hub if you are looking for a PARTY VENUE. We are reasonably priced, central and as a social enterprise, you are supporting the community in more ways that one.

Monday, 30 July 2012

Cake & Craft Fair this Saturday

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Exeter Baking Club Pie Week

The Exeter Arts Society Exhibition

Last weekend The Exeter Arts Society held an exhibition at the hub. It was a pleasure to have them in the hall.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

It's Pie Time Tomorrow at Exeter Baking Club

I am so looking forward to tomorrow. We have coffee time at noon-1:30 and the paddling pool is ready and tested (complete with sealife and boats) and then it is baking club at 1:30-3:30pm (everyone welcome, families too - bring a sweet pie and the recipe and share. £3). My chocolate key lime pie with french meringue topping is still in ingredient form at the moment but I love a bit of late night baking on a Tuesday. And it's the blowtorch bit I am excited about.

Today Penny started in the centre covering reception which frees me up to go and do al things hub. I started with a chat with Simon from CVS so tomorrow as well as dropping off my Community Arts Chain bunting triangle, I am going to go and join. 

NCT Bumps and Babes was really lovely and busy. On a hot day the hub was a cool spot to chill. 

We had lots of visitors popping in to say hi, grab a coffee, see the roof and book slots for courses starting in September. I love being able to leave the door open and wait and see who turns up. 

If you are a Facebook user or Tweeter, those are excellent ways of keeping in touch with day to day news from the hub and also what's on in Exeter.

I am starting a 'How to Build Community' board at the hub. It is for something we are doing with Exeter City Football Club and The Fruit Tree. It is a list of ideas of how to build community. It would be lovely to have your thoughts. It would be lovely if you came and added to the list but if that's not possible if you want to email them or post them below that would be really great.

I am creating a blackboard timetable tomorrow (I hope I will get around to it) so it should be easy to pop by and see what is going on at a glance. I think if I do two months at a time, that should be enough to start with. The plan is to have to giant timetables in the alley so people can see what is going on even if there is a course on...any thoughts would be really appreciated. 

It's going to be a busy one tomorrow. I am off to start making this key lime pie :)

Monday, 23 July 2012

There will be coffee time on Wednesday

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Walking in HIgh Heels Breakfast Meeting

A message from Cathy...

Hello friends and colleagues
Following the fab response to my recent outing at Energess Breakfast Group, I am running one more workshop on "Walking in High Heels Gorgeously" for those who missed out.  The cost is £15 only. It's next week so sign up quickly! 
Full information and booking is here:  http://pppsouthwest.co.uk/content/view/39

By day I work with bad backs, stress and posture and never recommend wearing heels. But by night I dance Argentine Tango and the heels are high!  I use both skills to teach you Walking in High Heels - Gorgeously! 
I work with a therapy which helps improve posture, balance and connection with the ground.  I also guide you through freeing up your body in the subtle ways of a dancer to increase elegance, grace and glide.   I love this intensive attention to detail which transforms clients, not just in their walk, but in confidence, comfort and pizazz!  Body and mind are so entwined that simply walking well can have a profound impact on self-esteem.  We can work together in complete privacy, you can join a group session or you get a group together and invite me to work with you.  Just call on 07989 564660 and we'll talk about your needs.

Whether for weddings, balls, business functions, or pure personal pleasure - you can enjoy Walking in High Heels - Gorgeously!Contact Cathy on 07989 564660

Summer Opening Times...

Over the summer we are going to have coffee time ONCE a week - on Fridays thanks to the support of Verity and Penny.

There are lots of other things happening at the hub over the summer but we are reducing the coffee times as there are so many things going on in Exeter and I am looking forward to a bit of a break and an explore outide the hub walls.

in September we will be back to our usual routine.

The calendar on the right of this blog will keep you up to date with what is going on, as will Facebook and Twitter if you use them.

Hope to see you on Friday at noon, Baking Club on alternate Wednesdays, our Cake & Craft Fair on Saturday 4th August or at some other point during the summer.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Hub News...

What a great day...Lorna at The Fruit Tree organised what turned out to be a very productive meeting on Community Initiatives...I now have an invitation for a tour of St James' Park. Apparently they have a bowling alley and will consider putting on archery. That's very cool. Penny has completely settled into the centre and it is in safe hands under her watchful eye. She is fab :) Tango tonight and then the hub can sleep until tomorrow.
The Cathedral Art & Crafts Fair is open from 10am tomorrow. If you fancy joining us for a coffee and a sit down we are open from noon - 1:30pm as usual AND I will throw the doors open for people to take a look at the ceiling from 9am so if you need a coffee between 9am and 1:30 come on in...you will be very welcome (and of course children are especially welcome). If you need lunch then grab a little something and bring it along. That's the way it works at the hub :)
SO...So tomorrow the hub will be open from 9am - 1:30pm for people to come and chill, play, grab a coffee or take a look at the spectacular ceiling.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Tuesday 17th July at The Hub on the Green

Tomorrow at the hub...Magic Carpet Community Choir (the last one before the summer break but they will be back in September), then a very exciting sounding textile workshop at noon with Eve Master printing using plants onto fabric, coffee time too at noon, then Babyccino Baby Group at 1:30-3:30pm (everyone welcome) and we are welcoming Co-Cars later on for a meeting. Do have a look at Co-Cars if you don't know about it. It's a cooperative car club in Exeter (Taunton and Topsham too). I am really sad that I am missing it all tomorrow as I am going to be at a networking event in Taunton, which I am sure will be fab but I want to be in my hub really.

Friday, 13 July 2012

This week at the hub...

Oh my...I have been so distracted from my blog. I am going to try and do a quick whizz through the week and see how I go.

The craft fair last Saturday was amazing. it was a quiet start because of our silly weather but we had our best fair yet and I loved every moment. I particularly loved all our bakers, Verity making a whole donkey on the sofa, Sonia's face art (she has been inundated with enquiries for birthday parties this week, Jane's sketches and Vron who stayed most of the day). 
I had a meeting with Lorna from the Fruit Tree about future business opportunities. Always good. 
I booked in two more parties at the hub.
The Olive Tree have booked a course and Devon Visual Impairment Service have booked some social Saturdays at the hub for teenagers from all over Devon. 
Lucie Benchouiha had booked in Reiki clinic at the hub. 
I had an amazing meeting with Devon Carers UK about an exciting new weekly event for carers in Exeter. It's going to be fun, fun, fun.
The World Peace Day plans are coming on nicely with more and more groups signing up. 
Tat brought students from her English class to Baking Club and added another 20ish to the party! Grasshopper Pie won the vote.
We are planning a sewing project. 
I sponsored the Exeter Homebirth Group meeting and had an amazing evening in their company. 
Penny is taking over reception in the health centre for the summer setting me free to do all things Hub and spend some time with my Lottie. 
We have an exciting food event planned for November organised by the Interfaith Group.
Sonia's Making Mayhem was the perfect start to the weekend. We had a ball...a bonkers ball. 
This weekend there is a Reiki course at the hub, a naming ceremony party and a dance event 'Bharatanatyam Workshop' on Sunday. I am also off to Exeter Cathedral to see 'Majesty' and Exmouth to visit Crikey it's Vintage and I want to pop into SOS It's A Knockout in Topsham.

Sparkly Sonia's Making Mayhem