Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Latest Group News

Latest groups:

So we have our Magic Carpet Community Choir all sorted for Thursday nights (15th & 22nd 5:30-7:30pm) later in December and then the Tuesday mornings in the new year. 

Penny from transition Exeter will be at the Hub running a great session from noon on Friday 9th December. More details to follow.

We have a plan to squeeze 60 university students into the hub on Friday afternoons!!! Sardines anyone?!

Yoga Babies is going to carry on in the new year starting mid January. Hurray! Thank you Nikkie.

If you are interested in selling quality baby things at the Baby Fair's second hand sale on 8th December 10:30am-2:30pm, let me know. You can drop your items off any time from now. 

If you would like to come to The Craft Hub's Crafty Swap on the evening of 8th December book through their website

I met Suzy from 10000 Pictures this morning (twitter: @10000pictures). She came into the hub with her girls to explain to me what it's all about. It's a very exciting animation project and I am looking forward to getting the hub involved in some way. 

We were so busy today at lunchtime. Lots of people came to join Rach at Knitting group and there were lots of children too as their schools were shut. There was a real buzz although my finger knitting pupil stood me up :(  

My Goldmother came by today (she's my godmother really) to pick up her special order from Knitter Jenny. It is a knitted boy doll for her grandson Jack. She looked really pleased and is now waiting for a knitted Jamie which will mean all five of her grandchildren have one of Jenny's dolls on Christmas day. 

Tomorrow is our works/building's Chistmas do. It feels very odd to be celebrating Christmas already. I am going to be a goody goody and go to bed early :) But bring on the Chocolate tart! Mmmmm.

Tomorrow we are going to start our hub advent calendar washing line (in class it was someone who did something special who got to open it - I think we may have the same rule at the hub). If there was a window to open today I would let Rach and Jane open it. Rach was such a sweetie to me when I had a few tears after a sleepless night with my poorly Lottie and Jane, who can read me like a book, came by (it must be that sixth sense of hers) to hand out cuddles. 

Chutneys are still flying out the door. If you would like to pick up something for the festive season give me a shout or pop in on Friday.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Not one, but two offerings

The day started well. I rang the winners of Saturday's raffle with the good news. I cleaned the remnants of the fair from the hub and Becky turned up for Yoga Babies with a flapjack from Real Food for me. So lovely (both Becs and the flapjack). Yoga Babies was a great success as usual and lots of people stayed for coffee. We had two separate visitors from the Exeter History Group (that may not be their exact name).  Then mum turned up with an almond croissant (if Becs hadn't been sitting down next to me, I may not have admitted to the flapjack but I felt I had little choice!). Happy Joey. 

Becs collected the etched martini glass she decorated on Saturday. Beautiful isn't it? I have sore ears. I mention this because it was the glass etching cream that I smeared on my ears accidentally whilst tucking my hair behind said ears that burnt them. Not so happy Joey. He but no pain, no gain...
Tonight's Make and Take Club run by Hannah and Pip from The Craft Hub was such fun. Everyone was really busy making their felt decorations with fabulous results. We had new members who slotted in perfectly. Next week we are sewing Christmas cards.

If you are interested, on the evening of Thursday 8th December The Craft Hub are holding a craft swap at the hub. It's going to be a great evening and all you need to do is register at and then bring alone some crafty things to swap. Simple!

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Our Christmas Cake and Craft Fair

I was too busy and having too much fun to take a lot of photos. That seems to happen...but I take it as a good sign.

I loved being on the making table - we had lots of badge makers and I so enjoyed the glass etching. There were three families that really got stuck in. Phillipa, her and son Finn were brilliant and then later on we had Tara, Tom and Sophia and their dads and then Becs who handily left hers at the hub so I used it as the demonstration model. 

Phillipa's glass etching 
Brilliant Brownie badge number 1

Brilliant Brownie badge number 2

Leo is very proud of his Ben 10 badge

Adam and Rosie are brill badge makers too!

Lucy's perfect penguin 

Tom's fab alien badge (but the photo won't rotate!)
There are three people without whom the fair wouldn't happen. My mum Rachel bakes all week and then runs the pop up cafe without a break and then does all the washing up. Rachael (Little Stitch) organised the raffle and ran stalls for other people as well as her own. She is a joy to have around and so kind. Lottie wouldn't have had any lunch if Rach hadn't shared hers (I only just found that out) and then Lottie who ran her stall all day but also sets up with Mum and me on the Friday and then puts up with a lot of chaos at home in the run up to the day. Lottie, Rachael and Rachel you are brilliant and I really appreciate all that you do to make the fair such a success and such fun in the process. We rock!!!

Becky...a message: Barbara comes to every fair and buys a whole cake for Sunday with her friends. She walked in and asked if we had saved her a cake. And guess what was waiting for her on the table? So thank you. It was meant to be! But I did forget to take a picture of your glass :(

Lovely Shaker Makers goody bags

Olly and Sophie were showing their badges
but showed me a cuddle instead :)
Rach's fab sign
We had some new sellers today and everyone sold something. We had glitter wall hangings from Sonia, jams from David (I bought the raspberry), Norch's chutneys ( I bought the fiery Christmas chutney x2), Penny's knitted phone covers, Fleurs booties, Geraldine's pickles as well as Jenny's knitting, Rachael's stitching, Kim's jewellery and all my bits and pieces. 

Friday, 25 November 2011

Late Night Baking

I am just waiting for the chocolate chip and vanilla marble cake to come out of the oven. It's been a busy day but that sort of day is good especially when you have special times within in. 

At 10:30 I was collected by Peter who is running our community choir. We went to Real Food for rye toast and date flapjack. Peter does some amazing things and is a lot of fun. Yesterday he helped some lucky children in Somerset put on a musical in a day. Greece Lightning...about the Ancient Greeks. Love it! I am really looking forward to our sings. We are starting with two Christmas sings on the evenings of 15th and 22nd December and then it will be on Tuesday mornings in the new year. 

I arrived back at the hub to find Sophie's Wriggle Rhythms group had grown to 13. It was such a party. Brilliant!

The lunchtime session was busy. David labelled up his jams and chutneys for tomorrow. We took delivery of lots more of Jenny's knitting for tomorrow's craft fair and Becky's chocolate cake with chocolate buttons.   Becs husband Andy dropped them all off. Thank you Andy. 

We spent the afternoon setting up the fair. It's looking great. Mum and Lottie were great as always busy bunnies. Mum took Lottie out for the evening while I went along to Gloss Gallery to support Magic Carpet's Charity Art Auction. I rushed out the door with my wallet and my keys (but no phone). I only intended to have a quick look and at most put in a sealed bid but I was sucked in by the lure of the auction. I had my '15' paddle and sat down (no watch, no clock, no phone). It was great. I loved every minute of it. I bought Lottie an amazing piece which I will give her for Christmas. For less than the price of a dinner for two (that's how we compare prices) she will have something to treasure for years to come. But shhhh! Don't tell her. Then there was this amazing thing (I can't say as it is for my nephew and my sister reads this) which I really liked. The auctioneer was bidding against me and I nodded to him to say that he could have this one for himself but he took it as a bid. It was clearly meant to be. Then came the painting I had been waiting for. I was sitting next to the artist and I really wanted it. I had seen it in the back of Carol's car when she was driving the artworks from the Magic Carpet office to the gallery and I fell in love with it there and then. Then there was another painting which is for someone else's Christmas present but again, just stunning. As soon as it was over, I ran out of the gallery and collected my phone to find many missed calls. Lottie was safe with Mum and when she came home I asked her if she liked our new painting...

"Wow, it's lovely. But where are you going to put it because you haven't found room for the picture I made you last Christmas yet?"
And you know what? She has a point. But I never do impulsive things like that. I think it was Peter's influence this morning. So my painting is now propped up on the back of the sofa. And it will probably stay until the end of 2012. 

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Pilates for 2012

Coming Soon…      

Matwork Pilates
 “The Hub on the Green”                   
   8 Cathedral Close, Exeter EX1 1EZ
Six Week Course Starting:
Tuesday 17th January 2012.   Class 6.30pm - 7.30pm
Friday    20th January 2012.   Class 9.45am -10.45am
All levels welcome!
Cost: £36 (per 6 week course)

Places limited to 12 participants per course. Booking is essential. For further information please contact:
Teresa Thirlwall.  M.Ost,  B.Sc.(Hons). 
Registered Osteopath & Certified Pilates Instructor
Mobile: 07970 490768     Email:
Joey Lee
Community Projects Director
SustainCare Community Interest Company
Mobile: 07950 96151     Email:       Blog:
The Benefits Of Pilates
Pilates is beneficial for general fitness, specific health conditions and, of course, your overall well-being.

General Fitness
Health Conditions
  • Improves your posture
  • Improves mobility and flexibility of the spine
  • Delivers muscle tone and extensibility
  • Improves quality of life and well-being.
  • Integrates mind, body and spirit
  • Promotes a supportive and efficient core.
  • Helps maintain the health of joints through improved mobility and support from the surrounding musculature.
  • Complements training for dancers, athletes and sports people.
  • Increases stability of the shoulders, pelvis and lower back.
  • Provides a safe and beneficial form of exercise for people with a wide range of medical conditions, including scoliosis, osteoporosis, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lower back pain.
  • Facilitates physical rehabilitation and addresses injury prevention.
  • Improves balance and co-ordination, particularly for the elderly.
  • Alleviates aches and pains.
  • Helps maintain and improve bone density.
  • Develops the function and efficiency of the lungs with improved circulation.
  • Offers a safe and accessible form of exercise for ante- and postnatal women.
The Instructor:  Teresa Thirlwall  M.Ost,  B.Sc.(Hons)
Has over 18 years of experience teaching and lecturing, within the health, fitness and sports industry. She is fully qualified and insured.
  • Registered Osteopath – Masters in Osteopathy (M.Ost), British School of Osteopathy.
  • Sports Injury & Rehabilitation – B.Sc. (Hons) Physiology, Kings College London.
  • Sport & Remedial Massage Practitioner – Diploma London School of Sports Massage (LSSM).
  • Pilates Instructor – Pilates Institute & OCR Certified.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Glass Etching

The glass etching is lots of fun. I used a homemade stencil to make star shapes and polos (I don't know why) to demonstrate how easy it is. You can cut out whatever shapes and patterns you like. This glass is now permanently etched and it can be washed and used as much as you like. So if you are coming on Saturday you can create you very own glass to treasure or give away as a gift. 
I have also collected the badge maker so I am going to be a busy bunny on the making table :)

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Just Like Jan Used to Make

I had a unexpectedly wonderful trip down Fore Street today. It really is full of fabulous little shops run by lovely people. I started at Exeter Ramblers who generously donated a £20 wash bag camping gadgety bag for our raffle. Then I want to Shaker Maker and met Lynne who makes amazing baguettes which taste like they should. I ate mine while she was making a sweetie goodie bag as another raffle prize. I popped into Heavenly Yarns (so good for wool) and Bunnyip (button-tastic) before whizzing back to the hub for coffee time. Rach has done an amazing job collecting prizes from all over the place. So a BIG thank you. 

Lisa missed printing group today as she had a burst pipe at home. She rang me with a leaking pipe in one hand and a phone in the other. Poor Lisa. It was lovely to see Emma, Elenor, John and Ellen today.

Fleur popped by to drop off some beautiful knitted booties and I know Andy is dropping off some of his mum Jenny's knitting on Friday. Jenny is the lady who caused such a stir at the art sale with her knitted dolls. 

Sophie ran her toddler Wriggle Rhythm session today at 2pm. If you have a little one between 18 months - 3 years who loves singing, moving and play - Sophie creates a magical, stimulating and fun environment. She transforms the hub into somewhere even more magical. Sophie also runs a baby group Wriggle Rhythm group on Friday at 11am. Wriggle Rhythms website


Tomorrow we start with Gentle Hatha Yoga with Roberta at 9:45am. You can just come along and pay per session. Then coffee time and knitting group at noon. Now I can finger knit, I can join in! Hurray! Then Sophie has baby signing. 

One day until Rach and I get to stand back admire her horde of raffle prizes
Two days until we are in the Echo
Three days until I get to have tea and toast at Real Food with Peter
Four days until our Christmas Cake and Craft Fair (with Becky's chocolate cake!)

I am making miniature Christmas cakes. It reminds me of Jan who I worked with at our cafe. It was her idea to make mini ones and they were so popular. Jan set the bar high so fingers crossed. 
Jan making her Mini Christmas cake in our cafe days

This is what I'm aiming for!

Bunny has a New Home

Do you remember Lost Bunny who has been at the hub since he was found on High Street in October? Well we have rehomed with with the daughter of a sweet shop owner who lost her own bunny at the weekend. 
 But poor Hub Cat has lost his little friend...

Monday, 21 November 2011


Today's hub was a busy hub. Yoga Babies was really busy and most of the ladies and babies stayed for coffee. I also had two red coat tour guides visit. It would be great to be included in the Medieval tour...we'll see. 

Make and Take Club this afternoon was awash with creativity. Hannah and Pip inspired us to create winter wonderlands inside shoeboxes (a HUGE thank you to Elizabeth Ann shoe shop at 3 Cathedral Close who kindly gave us a tower of boxes). 

I had a good (email) chat with Peter Kyrke-Smith who is starting his community choir at the hub with two Christmas sings on the evenings of 15th & 22nd December. It's going to be great fun. Let me know if you are interested in further details...or just come along. I just need to double check the times with Peter. 

Andy from HARVEST came in and Penny who is making some gifts to sell at our Craft and Cake Fair on Saturday.

BUT GOLD STAR FOR BEING A CLEVER BUNNY AWARD OF THE MONTH GOES TO RACHAEL POULTER FOR HER RAFFLE COLLECTION. Rach has managed to collect together raffle prizes galore from our wonderful Exeter shopkeepers and businesses and there are more arriving all the time:

A bottle of Bollenger champagne (The Hub on the Green)
A bottle of red wine.
A beautiful pooh bear (Mothercare)
2 christmas mugs (Rainbow)
£35 vouchers for Sidwell Cycles
A wool basket (Village Yarns)
An eyebrow shape (Shine)
A sports bag (Superdrug)
A makeup bag (Superdrug)
Milkshake vouchers (Shaker Maker)
£10 Toymaster voucher (Thomas Moore)
and we still have more to collect. 

If you would like to buy a ticket pop in this week or better still on Saturday.