Monday, 28 January 2013

Gingerbread Single Parents' Group 13th Feb

The next meeting of the Gingerbread Single Parents' Group at The Hub on the Green is on Wednesday 13th February from 3:30-5:30pm and Claire is planning something special. Claire will be running a making session for anyone who would like to get crafty. This is what we'll be making. 

The Mass Charity Lampshade Make

The Mass Charity Lampshade Make on Saturday was quite something. The feedback on Twitter and Facebook has been a joy to read. Lots of buzz and the people are very proud of their creations and rightly so. I posted the following on Saturday night and it says it all really..
I am just back from closing up after the Mass Charity Lampshade Make. Ruth McAllister who ran the course was incredible today. She spent weeks planning this, gathering support, travelled down from Bristol, had a long 12 hour day, shared her secrets, donated her resources and raised a lot of money for CHARGE Family Support Group. There were many other people who supported her today but she was clearly the main woman. I know she must be exhausted but a HUGE thank you for being so generous in so many ways. Ruth you are great :)
Ruth has blogged about the day on her website:

And Rachel has blogged too (but she will blag more later this week):

Thursday, 24 January 2013

The First Bake-In of 2013

Yesterday Exeter Baking Club met at the hub as they do fortnightly only this time Lauren had mixed things up a bit. Everyone who came brought something on the ingredients list and the results were quite something. Citrus cloud biscuits....lime biscuits filled with a light and fluffy orange and lemon buttercream. The group shared out the biscuits and all went home with a goody bag.

Lauren's mum had lovingly made four Exeter Baking Club aprons with fabulous embroidery on the front. We had the oven in the alley in the snow. I wasn't sure it would get up to temperature but it did. No problem!

In a fortnight's time on Wednesday 6th February Baking Club will be baking Valentine heart biscuits. Lauren posted the recipe on her blog a year ago and the group decided this was the recipe to go for.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Ministry of Historical Defence

There always seem to be lots of exciting things going on in Exeter. I went for a meeting at The Bike Shed on Monday and hear murmuring about The Ministry of Historical Defence. Keep your eyes peeled in town as this is going to tun for a while and it's most puzzling. 

February half term (February 18th - 23rd) is Animated Exeter. The Hub on the Green is one of the venues for the very exciting Time Winders. Lottie and I are going to go and take part. From what I have heard it is going to be an incredibly exciting, interactive game played in venues around the city centre. We are really excited to be a part of the whole event. 

Time Winders

Venue: Exeter Phoenix
21st February, 2pm–5pm
22nd February, 2pm–5pm
23rd February, 2pm–5pm
£12/ £8 suitable 8 years+ under 18s must be accompanied
Inspired by a specially commissioned short story from multi award-winning author Philip Reeve, Time Winders is a street game that immerses players in an Exeter where time is fractured. Past, present and future collide with surprising consequences, seeming to place the modern day city on the edge of oblivion.
Exeter's city centre will be subtly transformed, with a series of 'retro-futuristic' locations. Players are given an object that will trigger different actions or animatedprojections offering challenges andclues that will take the players on to their next exciting destination.
A family game suitable for 8 years +, Time Winders uses the latest in pervasive gaming technology, combined with animation and theatre to create a unique story telling experience where the player controls the action. Time Winders is the brain child of the critically and commercially acclaimed Slingshot, creators of the smash hit street game 2.8 Hours Later.
Time Winders has been inspired by award-winning author Philip Reeve’s short story,The Exeter Riddles; both projects have been commissioned by Animated Exeter 2013 with support from Arts Council England through the National Lottery

Wednesday 23rd January

Today at the hub...Gentle Hatha YOGA at 9:45am, Women's Network YOGA at 10:55am, COFFEE TIME at noon-1:30 and Liz's KNITTNIG GROUP too. It's Little Penny's birthday week and there are rumours of cake and Liz will be continuing her crochet workshop. BAKING CLUB's bake-in from 1:30-3pm and they are making biscuits. CAPOEIRA is from 4-5pm and you are welcome to come along for your first session (it started last week but there are new families coming this week for the first time and James is happy with that). TAI CHI from 6:30-7:45pm and TAI CHI BEGINNERS from 8-9:15pm and your first session is free (you can just turn up).

Monday, 21 January 2013

Magic Carpet Friday Crafting Group

The Magic Carpet Crafting Group on Friday was looking like a no-goer as the weather had scuppered lots of people's plans. But three of us settled down to some raggy heart making in the company of the baby massage group. It was such a lovely session. If anyone is interested in finding out more about the group, come along on Friday at noon.

Monday, 7 January 2013

I'm a Devon Grapevine Champion

I had a lovely meeting with Sonia today about all things crafty. She has some great ideas including glass painting. Ros is also starting a Magic Carpet crafting group starting on a Friday with the sole purpose of crafting together to make things to sell for Magic Carpet.

I got an award today which made my day. Thank you Tat and The Devon Grapeviners

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Happy New Year!

We opened again yesterday after a lovely break. I took down the tree and the decorations. Packed away our raggy wreaths and hoovered up the pine needles. The hub looks a little bit bare now. I mentioned this to Liz at knitting group and she asked what the next project is. I have a list of artists wanted to exhibit in 2013 so I need to get my hooks up. I did buy them but I put them somewhere safe! I need to find them again and ask Sparkly Sonia to bring a bit of 2013 sparkle to our hub with some of her spectacular artwork.

Clare who organises the new Gingerbread Group for single parents which meets at the hub on a monthly basis and is supported by the city councillors is also an artist and would like to exhibit her angel artwork at the hub. I don't think it's going to look bare for long.

Knitting group yesterday was a real joy. On the first day back, after a morning spent battling with a naked Christmas tree and my Henry Hoover I wasn't feeling much love for the day. Then noon came, my Lottie emerged from the practice rooms where she had made a den entertain herself, Liz came to run knitting group with her family and people just kept turning up and with them lots of hugs, endless tea and biscuits, games of dominoes, oodles of stories, donkey rides, lots of squeals and the hub was back to how it should be. Phew!

I am now getting to grips with a new timetable at the hub. 
We have Capoeira starting on Wednesday 16th January from 4-5pm (poster below)
We have monthly Gingerbread meetings...the next one is on Tuesday 15th January 3:30-5:30pm (just turn up with your children)
We have the Mass Charity Lampshade Make Saturday 26th January (afternoon session still available)
We have a second Tai Chi class starting Wednesday 9th January 8:00-9:15pm (poster below)
There is a new Olive Tree English Class starting on Thursday 10th January from 6:30-7:30pm