Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Handmade Books Workshop

All sorts of amazing things happen at the hub. It's one of those sorts of places. It's because so many people come through the doors (it would be a pretty dull place if they didn't) and every person adds a little something to the mix. Some days go like clockwork, some days don't and some exceed all expectation. Yesterday exceeded expectation.

It was a juggly sort of day. There was a lot going on and I was trying to be in too many places at once. People were very kind and slid appointments forwards and backwards to fit it all in. Those small gestures make a hug difference to the way a day pans out.

We had a group of students from the University of Exeter yesterday. A big group. They were being shown around by Dr Alan K. Outram, Head of Archaeology, Associate Professor of Archaeological Science and Executive Editor of "World Archaeology" and he was fascinating. I didn't want him to go as he was pouring out facts about the hall far faster than I could take them in. Then it was choir (who have a performance on Thursday at a residential home), coffee time, Sonia's craft group and Babyccino. 

In the evening Nina Fenner ran the first of her three homemade book workshops. The group made concertina books, shadow (or theatre) books and an origami fold book as well as learning to bind the spine and attach fastenings. Not bad for two hours! I was completely enthralled and I can't wait to make books at home with Lottie. Nina was very generous in sharing all her tips and hints which meant everyone went home with a stack of amazing books of various shapes and sizes. 

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Wednesday 27th Feb Refugee Week Diversity Event

It's not at The Hub on the Green but...
Are you in town on Wednesday as there is a Refugee Week Diversity Event. It's an arty, crafty, foody event at St Stephen's Church (opposite Urban Outfitters) and sounds fab. Hope to see you there!

If you are a Facebook is the link
Refugee Week presents: Diversity event with food, craft and art!

Be The Change and RSG invite you to our diversity event with the local refugee community at St Stephens Church on the High Street to share and enjoy art, food and crafts from various cultures.

Food- Bring a dish from around the world to share! We want to have a wonderful variety of dishes to indulge in and it would be fantastic to see Exeter students getting involved in some culinary treats!
Crafts- The wonderful and highly talented women of the community will be at the event selling their embroidary and other crafts
Art- The street art of local artist and refugee Ali Mousavi will be on display to browse

Come along and experience new food and new cultures!
It's a fantastic way to get involved in the community!

St Stephen's Church is really simple to get to, it's on the highstreet, across the road from urban outfitters

Hope to see you all there!

Project Refugee

See more events:
Find out more:

Monday, 25 February 2013

Handmade Book Sessions

Tomorrow we start Nina Fenner's series of 3 Handmade Book workshops on Tuesday evenings from 7-9pm. They are going to be a goodies :) You can book on to either one, two or three sessions.

Friday, 22 February 2013

Half Term at the Hub

The week started like any other with coffee times and crafting groups. We had a well decorated alley after a birthday party at the weekend where Sparkly Sonia was in charge of entertainment.

My Lottie has been my constant half-term companion and has been a great help as always this week.

We had a great time at Sonia's Spangle Wagon on Tuesday making masks for an imaginary masked ball.

Wednesdays knitting group was lovely with old faces popping in as it was half term. Lauren's family baking session of Exeter baking Club was delicious! All the regular baking club members made a batch of biscuit dough and all Wednesday's bakers went home with a plate of decorated biccies - except for Lottie and me. We ate some of ours and shared the rest with the people upstairs who must have been tortured by the smell of freshly baked biscuits all afternoon.

Thursday marked the start of Animated Exeter's Time Winders so we have rockets, lasers and mirrors in the hub. It's all part of an exciting week in Exeter which culminates in a celebration in Belmont Park called The Riddles Finale.

From Radio Exe's summary of Animated Exeter's Events...

Time Winders – join the fun in a participatory game through the streets of Exeter. Inspired by Animated Exeter’s commissioned short story,  The Exeter Riddles, by award-winning author Philip Reeve,  Time Winders is a street game where players race against the clock to halt the destruction of Exeter's historical timeline and stabilize the heart of the city. The game has been realized by Bristol-based company, Slingshot, the brains behind the popular zombie-game 2.8 hours Later, and Igfest, Bristol’s annual pervasive game festival.
Suitable for all games lovers, Time Winders combines action, animation and theatre to create a unique story telling experience where the player controls the action. 

This morning we welcomed Monkey Music to the hub and they came in style with 40 families, lots of balloons, fabulous songs and lots of energy. I have heard such good things about Monkey Music but never been to a class. Daniele and Sonia had three sessions during their open morning. If you are interested in finding out more go to Monkey Music's website. Sonia is running classes on Friday morning's from next week.

This lunchtime Lottie and I finished the week with Magic Carpet's Crafting Group which we moved to the carpeted room next to the hub as Animated Exeter were creating their magic in the hub. We made woven flowers, badges, hairclips and greetings cards all to sell for Magic Carpet funds.

So Animated Exeter will be in the hub tomorrow afternoon and then next week we go back to our usual timetable with the addition of three new groups...

Carolyn's Women's Choir on Tuesday nights in the back room, 7-9pm.

Nina Fenner's Handmade Books workshop is on Tuesday in the hub at 7-9pm.

Monkey Music starts on Friday mornings

And coming soon...

Liz's Knitting Group - Crocheting Valentine's Hearts

Wednesdays midday to 1:30pm. 

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Half Term Timetable

It's half term at the hub and so that means a few changes:
Monday: no coffee time and a private group in.
Tuesday: coffee time and crafting at midday, NCT Bumps and Babes at 1:30-3pm
Wednesday: two yoga classes in the morning as usual, coffee time at midday, it's family baking at Exeter Baking Club 1:30-3:30pm (just turn up, £3 per baker)
Thursday: Animated Exeter's Time Winders (book through Animated Exeter) in the afternoon, Argentine tango at 8pm
Friday: Monkey Music Open Day in the morning (book through Monkey Music on ), Animated Exeter's Time Winders (book through Animated Exeter) in the afternoon

Saturday: Animated Exeter's Time Winders (book through Animated Exeter) in the afternoon

We are back to our usual timetable on Monday 25th Feb

Friday, 15 February 2013

Exeter Gingerbread Single Parent Families' Group

Wednesday 13th March 3.30-5.30pm - Easter Parade - bring an old hat to revamp into headwear fit for an Easter parade using crafting materials. We'll have a little parade at the end for children and any grownups who want to join in! Any hat will do - woolly, baseball cap, sun hat, straw hat, beret even a plain alice-band.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Mini Entrepreneur

On Monday morning Anna popped by. Her son Adam wants to raise funds for their scout hut and each scout has been given £1 to make some money with. Adam has decided to sell some of his sister's clothes that she has grown out of. Little Zoe made hearts to decorate the hangers, Adam made a sign with the scout logo on the top and this morning their mum dropped it in while someone was waiting for Yoga Babies and Adam had an instant sale! One pair of pink trouser sold. It's looking good. You are very welcome to pop in and see what is for sale.

On Monday afternoon, it is the ESSENCE steering group meeting. ESSENCE is the Exeter Social Enterprise and Cooperative Network. We are planning the next year so it's a biggy. I have cake and a flip chart so we have the ingredients for a good meeting.

Last Friday, I started a new weekly cooking and recipe idea. I have been meeting with a local GP and bouncing ideas around. This is the first step. It's simple but it seems to be working already. First thing on Friday morning I put on the slow cooker using a simple, tasty recipe with ingredients which don't cost the Earth (in more than one way). The slow cooker means that by Friday's Come and Catch Up at noon (our coffee time) we have something yummy for everyone to try and recipe cards to take home.