Wednesday, 30 May 2012

My Fairy Mopmother

Last week Stuart from Green My Business (google them - I used them at the cafe and they are fab) popped into the hub in-between meetings at Southernhay House and The Magdalen Chapter. I made him listen to the tale of the stupid plumbers who used my mop to clean things they shouldn't have and how they had contaminated it. A moment ago, a lovely man from Green my Business turned up with a free posh micro fibre mop and probiotic cleaning spray. How fab is that?! I have a new fairy godmother (or mopmother as Victoria calls him) :)

This week I have had some amazing meetings. Yesterday Simon and I went over to CVS to talk with them as well as Magic Carpet, Organic Arts and Double Elephant about a project. This morning I met with Eve Malster who is so lovely and we were talking through all sorts of ideas. Eve is going to start at the hub by running next half terms Crafting Workshops on a Tuesday at noon-1:30pm taking on the reins from Hannah. Eve runs Future Threads and has all sorts of textile art activities lined up. 

It was lovely to bump into Paul Banks from Fresha in town today. It looks like we may have a coffee-tasting competition in the pipeline. 

This evening I am off to our ESENCE meeting where Kate Doodson from COSMIC will be answering our social media questions. Another goody I hope. 

Sharon dropped off some more of her fabulous little Soapdaze soaps as we were running really low. 
At coffee time and knitting group (this blog is's all the sugar from baking club scrambling my brain) we were glitter tattooing. I seemed to miss out but I think I will have a little play in the office in a mo. We even tattooed Bruce who only popped in to talk about his free 'Fun with Numbers' course which starts a week tomorrow. He was asking what we thought about children coming to the group and we agreed that was absolutely fine so if you would like to come and you have a little one that's perfect. 

decorating the mermaid 
Our Exeter Baking Club meeting was great today. Jubilee themed and so lots of meringue, cream, raspberries and blueberries. Lauren will post some fab photos on her blog and I will post a link. My photos aren't great but they give you a taster. Congratulations to Sue who won the 'Baker of the Week' Certificate for her amazing stripy meringues.

For those of you that remember the green star balloon incident, we now have red and blue helium balloons in the ceiling. Against the white they are quite Jubilee-ish! Thank you Kesia 

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