Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Wednesday at the Hub

We had a busy coffee time and Davy and co had a sunny walk along the quay (change of plan - no otters).

A bit thank you to Verity for the baby seat which means little ones can sit on chairs now.
A big thank you to Liz who taught some more of us how to knit today and I can finally cast on (if I can remember how) and I look quite proficient.
A big thank you to Laura and Davy for the soon to arrive changing table.

Saturday 3rd March - Cake and Craft Fair
Thursday 8th March - Crafty Swap
Friday 9th March - Self-Help Workshop on Stress & Anxiety
Tuesday 3rd April - Health Question Time on Stress & Anxiety
Friday - vegetable collection (I get my first bag this Friday and I am really looking forward to it)
Saturday 28th April - World Tai Chi Day event

The ladies who run the baby and toddler-focused activities at the hub  - Under One Roof (Sophie Headlong-Moore), Exeter Baby Activities (Arabella Greatorex) and Lazy Daisy Birthing (Janette Davey) have all sorts of amazing things in the pipeline for the hub and elsewhere in Exeter. I will put everything I can on the blog and the calendar but do take a look at their websites or contact them directly for more information. I can give you their contacts or go to and look for their fliers.

Sarah Hewlett's Session on Stress & Anxiety

How the week flies by!

How can it be Wednesday already? 

Community choir was great as always. I missed my mum at coffee making time and we had jammy dodgers rather than flapjack but sometimes a retro biscuit hits the spot. I am saving up all my baking for the weekend's cake and craft fair.  We were singing songs from the musicals. I am more than happy to put my all into Les Mis' On My Own when haring up and down the motorway in the privacy of my car, but I couldn't quite muster up the courage to join in in public. 

We had a lovely coffee time yesterday which ran seamlessly into Arabella's fortnightly Babychino group.
From Arabella's Exeter Baby Activities Blog:
Babyccino today was full of lovely mummies and babies/children, all playing happily together while the grown ups drank coffee and ate biscuits. My kind of afternoon.
A successful afternoon on the real nappy front too – a pregnant mummy came along with lots of questions and was able to touch and see a whole range of nappies. As well as a nappy demo from me, she was able to chat to other cloth nappy users about their experiences of real nappies and just how easy they are to use.
Also arranged a loan of one of my trial kits, so that means I am booked now until April time but do let me know if you would like to go on the waiting list. If you don’t know about the Devon Real Nappy Trial, you can find out morehere.
Over the last few Babyccinos I have been helping a range of parents with their washable nappy questions, so of which are more unusual, so if you have any ideas on the following, I would love to hear them!
The fencing team came in the evening and have posted photos on their Facebook page. Proper musketeer stuff.

Thank you Simon for doing the washing up yesterday. It was lovely of you. 

Today is such a beautiful, sparkly day. The walking group are going for a gentle stomp up at the University where Davy wants to spot some otters. I would love to join them. It's a walk we used to do all the time when we were small. 

Roberta is starting her gentle yoga in the hub at 9:45am. This morning was the first morning I have walked into the hub and it has smelt like spring. Sun shining in. I love it. It's just like it was when we viewed it last summer. When I was putting the signs out, I walked out onto the green to stand in the sunshine for a moment. I was so distracted, I walked straight into someone. Luckily he was handsome! 

Then its coffee time and knitting and Cathy will be there drinking her endless cups of tea and asking for help with her crochet. I have everything crossed that Liz will be able to answer her question as it is beyond the capabilities of the 'Joey and Youtube' combo. 

At 2pm Sophie is here for her Babysign. Sophie has all sorts of exciting things in the pipeline for her Under One Roof organisation and I'll keep you posted (or pop in and ask Sophie). 

This weekend is our cake and craft fair on Saturday. Donations are very welcome. Thank you to Rachel, Lauren and Becky who have already offered to bake goodies for us. Your support is very much appreciated. 

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Contemporary Craft Workshop

I am sorry for the late notice but there will be no contemporary crafting session at lunchtime today. Crafters are welcome to come along to coffee time with or without a project if you would like to :)

Monday, 27 February 2012

Today at the hub...

Lovely to see Penny today. This weekend she included one of our old cafe's recipes on her website. We were a bit peeved that she forgot to bring in a sample (or they were so good she ate them all before Monday morning). Penny came in to collect orders for her Friday vegetable deliveries to the hub. She also had to be elsewhere so couldn't help with our bunting making. 

Kathy came into the hub today but we couldn't pull her away from her knitting. New visitor Rose wasn't so good at saying "No!" so we roped her in. Han, of The Craft Hub' fame, brought her sewing machine and Pip, also of 'The Craft Hub' brought material and we were good to go. We were making purple and pink bunting for the crafty swap for Oxfam International Women's Day. It was a hive of activity and with a bit of time this afternoon three strips of bunting are good to go. 

There was no Yoga Babies this week but it does start again next week. Lovely Naomi came anyway, let herself in, did some shopping in the hub, left the money and let herself out. Brilliant. If only everyone was as well trained ;) Thank you Naomi for supporting us.

Margaret Morris Movement was a great success this afternoon. Mum loved it. 

Then at 4pm, Han and Pip were back again to run their 'The Craft Hub's Make and Take Club for 5-11 year olds'. This week the children and parents were painting their Spring models which they had made last week. 

And now Janette will be in the hub with her mums-to-be at Lazy Daisy Active Birthing Classes. If you, or someone you know, is expecting a baby do have a look at Janette's Facebook page and website. She is planning all sorts of wonderful things. Her email is

Tomorrow at the hub we have:

Choir at 10am - 12noon
Coffee time and contemporary crafting at 12noon - 1:30pm
Babychino with Arabella 1:30-3:30pm

Sparkly Sonia will be making real magic wands with anyone who would like to join her. We also have lots of fabulous cakes, baby goodies, grown-up goodies, jewellery, Feldenkrais tips and a place to relax. 

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Penny's How to Knit Workshop...TOMORROW!

Penny's How to Knit Workshop for beginners and improvers at The Hub on the Green tomorrow noon-1:30pm with lovely and expert knitters/crocheters Liz and Victoria there to help out too. 

Everyone welcome. 
Just come along. 
For more details ring Joey on 07950 961751.

And there will be marmalade cake (baking at the mo) and coffees and teas too. It's going to be fab. I feel I am on the verge of knitting something good! :)

This is the first of Penny's How to... Workshops in collaboration with Transition Exeter. They will be on a range of topics so keep an eye out for the next one. I know she has all sorts of excitements planned. 

And keep an eye out for us in the Echo next week. We are going to be one of seven things to do in the week beginning 1st March. Lovely and very supportive Catherine Fraser is leaving the Echo this week which means she will have plenty of time to frequent the hub and help me with my grammar! 

Tomorrow is a full day at the hub:

9:45am Matwork Pilates with Teresa
11am Wriggle Rhythms with Sophie
12noon coffee time and How to Knit Workshop
2pm Beat the Blues Session (the last one)
6:30pm Tai Chi with Sue

I also have a meeting with Simon from CVS and some other local organisations at lunchtime about a project that is in the pipeline. So Isabel's fabulous (and I have to say incredibly fancy and hi-tech) baby monitor (with torch) will be put to good use. After struggling with trying to be in a two places at once for months, the baby monitor means I don't miss a thing and is such a ridiculously simple solution. I can hear the doorbell ring for the health centre when I am in the hub, I can hear the phone when I am out of the room, I can hear if someone comes into the reception when I am in the hub, I can hear when people have conversations about me when they think I'm not there (that hasn't happened YET but I have had to say to everyone that the walls have ears). The other day when I took the receiver into the ladies loo I did for a moment wonder whether it was a two-way system But anyway, all that aside, it means I can be in two places at once and it has made life so much simpler so thank you Simon for the idea and Isabel for the monitor. 

Night night and see you for knitting :)

Serious faces are down to the high concentration levels. No adults were miserable during the taking of these photos! 


This will be our first Health Question Time in Exeter after organising a series of successful HQTs at our last community hub. We have found them really useful, full of helpful tips and a great opportunity for people to meet and talk. Our first topic will be STRESS & ANXIETY on Tuesday 3rd April.

The format is the same as television's Question Time only on the panel we have a chair, a local GP, a community pharmacist and another practitioner chosen for their suitability to advise on the topic. The audience is full of people who would like to know more on the topic and other professionals. It is open to everyone and the mix is what makes it such a great event. The questions come from the audience (either given in advance so they can be read out anonymously or read out on the day by the questioner). The chair keeps the discussion moving. We record the event (audience members can't be seen) to show to people who can't attend as these are such beneficial events. How often do we get together a range of healthcare providers and get the opportunity to hear how they would each deal with examples of our day to day troubles?

Tickets are free but it is important you book your place.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Fabulous Craft Hub

Hannah and Pip from The Craft Hub run their Make and Take Club for 5-11 year olds (and their parents/grandparents) at The Hub on the Green on a Monday at 4pm. This week everyone made air-dry clay models with a Spring and Easter theme. Hannah popped them in the basement to dry and I went down to have a nosey. 
 The Craft Hub organised a Christmas craft Swap at the end of last year and are following it up with a Charity Craft Swap on 8th March. We want as many people as possible to come along and support it. There will be tea and cakes too and a raffle (we are still collecting raffle prizes if you have any unwanted Christmas presents, homemade pickles, homemade creations or other goodies at home).


Sarah Hewlett will be running a fabulous self-help workshop for anyone who would like techniques and tip on easing stress and anxiety

Friday 9th March

SAVE THE DATE - more information to follow soon.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Sweet Caroline. Loving a bit of Neil!

It's choir at the moment with birthday cake. Peter and his Magic Carpet Community Choir are brilliant. I love it every week and it just keeps getting better. Being here gives me the same feel good factor that the television program The Choir did.  When Peter first started this choir I joked that he would be our Gareth and he has turned out to be exactly that. Bringing 20-something strangers together and producing such magic and fun in five weeks takes a special person. 

Straight after choir at noon Lisa Purchase has her Contemporary Crafting Sessions which gives the same feel good factor but using craft. Lisa is such a star. Last week she ran a wonderful family crafting session for half term. This week we are back to adult crafting but we still have the flapjack. 

Ooooh Peter has just pulled out Sweet Caroline... it doesn't get better than this! 

Monday, 20 February 2012

Thank Yous

The good news is that Margaret Morris Movement on Mondays at 2pm-3pm is going to carry on into March. Sheila was testing the water at the hub and all has gone well so if you would like to know more, get in touch or go to

I had nobody come to my coffee time today. That rarely happens (three times in 5 months) but it is sad when it does. I made a few signs, did a quick tidy and sorted out the new freecycle box which contains baby magazines and a baby bouncer (thanks to Em). If you have anything you would like to go to a good home then please feel free to pop it in the box. 

Make and Take was so lovely today. We were using air dry clay to make Eastery models which are now drying and next week we are going to paint them. Pip brought in pancakes for everyone to celebrate pancake day eve. Make and Take Club is for children aged 5-11 years and their parents or grandparents. Every week there is a different crafty theme and Hannah and Pip from the Craft Hub have such great ideas. It is a lovely relaxed group and the perfect way to start the week (Mondays 4-5pm). Go to for more details. 

Tomorrow (Tuesday) at the hub... 

10-12noon Peter & his fabulous choir return after half term. Just pop along. It is £5 a session. refreshments available and you can stay on for coffee time if you would like to.   

12noon Coffee time and contemporary crafting with Lisa. Just pop along. It's going to be lovely tomorrow. We have three new people starting.  

1:45pm The Under One Roof heuristic drop in group followed by free play and rhymes. Just pop along. For more information go to

Beg, Borrow and Steal!

I would love an unloved magazine rack.
We would love any unused knitting needles (any size) to teach people to knit.
We would love any unwanted Christmas presents (or other presents) for our raffle in aid of Oxfam International Women's Day on Thursday 8th March. 

Thank yous

A big thank you to Darren for the donations from his family for the Oxfam Raffle.
A big thank you to Sue for spreading the word about the hub and for putting up posters for the Oxfam Crafty Swap.
A big thank you to Arabella for my slice of lemon and polenta cake from Real Food. Arabella says it will change my mind about polenta and it is THE BEST. I have the kettle on and I will feed back in a bit. 

Friday, 17 February 2012

Sophie's Play Morning - today...

Sophie's play time and coffee morning this morning was magical. She had painting, play, instruments and singing along with lovely people and lots of chatting and relaxing. Well done Sophie for organising and creating another great event at the hub.

We also had a visit from Penny who was spreading the word about her organic vegetable collection scheme. You can collect your vegetables from the hub on Fridays if you order with Penny. Handy or what?

And here are Cameron's last half term models before he heads back to Hampshire. Cameron's Dad Nigel has been such a help at the hub this half term as well as good company. We will miss them both next week. 

Just a warning and a quick favour to ask. The seagulls on the green are being really pesky and quite vicious. Please don't let your little ones eat on the green when they are in their buggies or walking along as the gulls have been swooping down and stealing food (including my eccles cake which is unforgivable). It is quite a shock for a grown up and, as well as being filthy yucky creatures (you can see I am still fuming about the eccles cake incident), it's enough to cause a life-long scaring both physical and emotional. I keep meaning to put a poster up on the door as you leave (Davy's clever idea) but another day goes by and it hasn't been done. A reminder would be appreciated whilst we are in the hub...Davy??? 

Have a fabulous weekend everyone and I will see you all on Monday for Baby Yoga, Coffee time, MMM and Birthing Classes.

I'm off to decorate mum's sachertorte. It's a birthday weekend here :)

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Friday at the hub

Sophie is running a group tomorrow with Mum Tracey: "Tomorrow's play session from 11am-12noon should be okay for all ages up to... at least 7... maybe 10. Sponge printing and craft for older ones. Activities until quarter to 12 and then we will set up for coffee and do some rhymes. £1.50. 50p for siblings. Donations for refreshments. X"

Then at 12noon - 1:30 I will have our usual coffee time with flapjack (it's in the oven) and the odd custard cream :) which Amy must be kept away from. Penny will be at the hub to answer any questions on her new vegetable collection scheme in collaboration with Shillingford Organics. 

At 2-4pm it is the Women's Network's Beat the Blues Session. 

There is no Tai Chi tomorrow as it is half term which makes me very sad and I will miss it terribly. I will be at home trying to remember my mountain top but I don't hold out much hope. 

Dates for your diaries...

Friday 24th February Penny's How to...Knit Workshop with Liz and Victoria too (I hope). 12noon -1:30pm. This is the first of Penny's How to... sessions with Penny's Transition Exeter hat on. It will run during our usual coffee time so just pop along.  

Thursday 8th March Crafty Swap for Oxfam International Women's Day organised by Hannah and Pip of The Craft Hub. 10am-1pm


Local craft collective, The Craft Hub, in conjunction with the Hub on the Green, are hosting a wonderful morning of Craft Swapping in aid of Oxfam's International women's day.

 Check your cupboards, attic and drawers.  Do you have a welter of wool? Are your tins brimming with beads or buttons?  Are your fabrics in a flurry or your ribbon on the rampage?!  Its spring and time to clean out your unused stash. The Craft Hub are looking for local crafters keen to clear out years of craft supplies hoarding.  As a crafty collective, the organisers Pip and Hannah have first hand experience of how crafts can take over even the tightest spaces in the home.
Come along to the Hub on the Green for 10am, bring your stash and help to raise some money for Oxfam and celebrate International Womans Day (because we're worth it!).
Saturday March 3rd Our Cake and Craft Fair 10:30pm-4:30pm 
Saturday March 31st Our Cake and Craft Fair 10:30pm-4:30pm (This is April's fair brought forward)

I am looking for an unloved magazine rack for the hub if anyone has one they would like rehoming and a smallish round table for our reception area in the Health Centre which is the right height to sit around and write (i.e. not a coffee table).

A big thank you to Isabel who has given us a baby monitor which will make life so much easier. Sometimes I leave people waiting by the door of the health centre as I am sorting things out in the hub. I can take the phone with me but I can't take the doorbell. Someone (and I can't remember who) had the great idea of putting a baby monitor next to the intercom and carrying the other bit around. Genius. And Isabel has made it possible so no more apologising to people left waiting :)

And finally. We are holding a raffle at the Crafty Swap for Oxfam's International Women's Day. Only a raffle isn't very much fun unless there are some exciting prizes. So if you have anything to offer (and it doesn't need to be craft themed) then please do get in touch. I would really appreciate your support on this one. 

Wednesday at the Hub

On Tuesday it was his Auntie Penny who was photographer to the hub, but on Wednesday Cameron took over the role. 
These are Cameron's Warhammer models

Mum took on the role of knitting tutor 
Davy who was back from walking group...
the busiest one in Exeter this week apparently
Sophie busy knitting

The marble run is still the most popular thing...well done Sophie!

Why do people sit in a bookshelf?
We do have chairs 

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Vegetable News...

Penny from Penny's Recipes is starting a vegetable ordering and collection service right here in the city centre. The vegetables are from Shillingford Organics and this scheme has the blessing of Real Food which is really important. See the sheet below for details (I have scanned it that why it looks a little odd) and phone or email Penny if you have any questions. I am really excited about this and looking forward to purple sprouting broccoli season :)

Collection Day every Friday 11.30-1.30 (please change on poster too)

Each weeks order form available from Friday - register online to be sent one each week at

Order and pay by noon on Monday (could go in Monday morning diary as a reminder with link to -

Pay by BACs - details on order form
Pay by cash - to Hub on the Green - (exact money please!) - envelope with your name and 'Pennys Recipes'

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Tomorrow (Wednesday) at the Hub

Tomorrow at the hub: Gentle Hatha Yoga at 9:45am

Gentle Stroll with Davy from just outside the hub at 10:45am returning back at noonish for coffee. Usually they stop at a play park en route if there a little one with them and have a good gossip on the way

Coffee time/play time at noon-1:30pm everyone welcome. We have lemon scented play dough, toy boxes, the marble run and space. Its also knitting group tomorrow.

Then Babysign with Sophie at 2pm.

Come and join in hub-fun!

Crafty Half Term

Lisa's crafting this morning was just lovely. We had great children and keen parents and grandparents fuelled again by coffee and flapjack.

We had lots of half term visitors too. Some for coffee, some to see the roof, some recommended. All good.

It's now Babychino in the hub as it is every other Tuesday (alternating with another baby group). There is a lovely buzz of babies, preschoolers and mummies (no daddies today).