Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Back to Blogging

This marks the beginning of my 'back to blogging' stage. I have missed it but fell out of the routine and couldn't quite find my way back. I have missed it. I always found it a great way to digest the day, make links between the different things that happen at the hub and a great way to keep a diary of the goings on which I could refer back to whenever I needed to.

Today is a great day to start again with. We had a quite steady start to 2013 but we are back up to speed now and things are good.

Isabella came in today to cook us churros and hot chocolate. She whizzed about to find a frying pan that would work on our induction hob. None of mine would work and I got rid of the one we used to use at the cafe (the base needs to attract a magnet) so she made do with a saucepan. She cooked outside in the alley as we didn't want to set the alarms off. 

I thought churros would be a deep-fried batter mix but it's a strange recipe. You boil milk, add flour and salt and stir quickly over a heat. You then pipe the super thick mix into hot fat (Isabella used olive oil) and dip the churros in sugar and then thick hot chocolate. They were totally delicious. Especially when freshly cooked and still hot. We had quite a quiet session at the hub today so I had plenty!

 Penny showing how it's done...

Lauren's fabulous Exeter Baking Club were making valentine's biscuits today and when I went in to set up for Capoeira there were three fabulous heart biscuits waiting for us. Thank you Lauren and co. Did I take a photograph? No, we ate one and shared the others. Lauren will blog about them soon. 

Capoeira has really taken off and it was James Leigh's last session of his four week run this afternoon. He was going to discuss good time slots for the next sessions. So if you missed this four week block, there will be more coming if we can find a good time for the group when the hub is free. If not it will be carrying on somewhere...I will keep you posted. 

Tai Chi is now twice on a Wednesday and the later beginners class is growing. Not a surprise when you have such a lovely teacher. 

COOKING: After a talk with a local GP and a good chat with Penny Ritson ( Friday lunchtimes are going to be Community Cooking Open Hours. Pop in on Friday to find out more and bring your tasting spoon with you! 

Fridays are also the collection day for Penny's Shilliford Organics Vegetable scheme. You order online on Wednesday or earlier and Penny is at the hub on Friday to answer any questions and talk recipes. 

The other Friday event is the Magic Carpet Crafting Group who meet at midday. They will be crafting all sorts of creations and selling them to raise funds for Magic Carpet. Anyone is welcome to come and help - the more the merrier. 

We are really lucky to have fabulous crafty events at the hub. After the success of The Mass Charity Lampshade Make we now have Handmade Books Workshops with Nina Fenner. She is taking bookings now and they are going fast. 
Tomorrow at the hub we have Exploring Soft Pastels, two free English classes (intermediate) with The Olive Tree and Argentine Tango. 

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