Monday, 2 April 2012

Monday...we've started the holidays!

It was a bit of a crazy day today. Not anything like a normal Monday.

I had a great paperwork morning, That was very satisfying. But it was downhill from then onwards. We had our busiest Monday in ages.

It was lovely to see Nigel and Cameron again. They are holiday visitors to Exeter so we haven't seen them since half term. Someone gave us a Scalectrix-y set to build. I went out to get batteries and left the boys to build. We got there eventually. The blue car lasted 5 mins but we had fun with the red one. It brought us a lot of pleasure. Thank you U.D. We also had lot so of holiday visitors who popped in to see the roof. I like it busy.

Margaret Morris Movement carried on throughout the holidays so it was lovely to see Sheila today. Then the visitors kept on coming. Tom who came to the fair came by for a coffee but a bit too late so he's coming back tomorrow, Eve popped by to say hi and the lovely man who was knocked off his bicycle came by too.

At 3pm I got really peckish so collected my lunch and sat on my new outside sofa. By chance it was the perfect time of day as the end of the alley where the sofa was had become a sun trap. Lovely Audaye came by. So he helped me eat my tortilla chips and then we decided to encourage a bit of pavement art tomorrow by starting today.

So if you fancy coming to help me decorate the path until the rains come pop by tomorrow between 12noon and 1:30pm

See you tomorrow :)

And the bonus news...I am going to be Barbara's case study for her colour course...there is hope for my wardrobe yet!

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