Friday, 27 April 2012

Tomorrow at the Hub...

Last night I went to a meeting of ESENCE (The Exeter Social Enterprise & Cooperative Network) at Real Food. We had a talk from Jonathan Alder from Alder & Alder about Branding. It was really interesting. I may need to tweak a thing or two as a result. TED got a mention or two. 

Everyone seems to be TED mad at the moment. If you don't know about TED google it and watch one of their videos every day. It is inspiring stuff. Even my Lottie's assembly was a little TED-ish - with a video screen playing behind the children and the theme...a game where they take roles in governing Australia (farmers, loggers, the tourist board etc.) and make changes to ensure a good future for Australian in years to come. 

This morning I had a surprise delivery of flapjack and coffee which was much appreciated. The Shillingford Van delivered all the vegetables for Penny's Order and Collect Scheme and Kat from Love Local Food delivered Penny's other groceries for delivery. It's wonderful to see the vegetable orders continue to grow each week and Penny will be selling Shillingford at our Craft Fair on Saturday 5th May.

The lunchtime was a busy one. The new A-board is working it's magic at the entrance. More people have popped in to see what's going on at the hub this week. David dropped off more of his homemade jam. We had someone come and check out the hub for a 5th birthday party and Verity and the girls brought sunshine to the hub on a soggy day. 

This afternoon flew by. It's a busy couple of weeks at the hub. World Tai Chi Day celebrations start tomorrow at 7:50 when Angus Clark will be interviewed on BBC Radio Devon before opening the hub at 9am for teas and coffees (and cakes that are in the oven now) and the Tai Chi starts at 9:45am on the green before moving to the hub and then to Princesshay for some seriously cool demonstrations. I am looking forward to the sword demonstrations most of all especially as it was an effort to double check that all agencies were happy for people to waggle swords in Princesshay on a Saturday lunchtime. 
The timetable looks like this:

Free classes on Exeter Cathedral Green from 9.45 am
TAI CHI DEMONSTRATIONS IN Princesshay Shopping Centre 

11.30 Barbara Morris with Age UK 
           Short Form to Cross Hands
11.45 CMC Short Form with Living Movement 
            all players welcome to join
11.55 Angus Clark from Living Movement
           applications with kids
12.00 Chen groups   
silk reeling lao jia, canon fist, sword, pushing hands
12.20 Joe Salmon from Tai Chi Nation  
           with children from Exeter Steiner school
12.30 Charmouth 
           Tai Chi   24 step form
12.40 Open Palm 
           pushing hands
12.50 Wuji Acadamy 
           9 fighting methods; da lu
13.00 – 13.15  Living Movement 
San Shou  2 person fast form and tai chi straight sword 
The hub will be open between these times for tea and cake and shelter from the rain! Come and keep me company. 
9am - 9:45am
1pm - 1:45pm 

We are closing it during the demonstrations so I can go out and enjoy the fun too. It's it's tipping it down it may be open more!!!

So the cakes are in the oven. I have made a fab raspberry and vanilla sponge with katy cinnamon streusel topping. Yum!

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