Sunday, 1 April 2012

Saturday Craft & Cake Fair...

Saturdays Cake and Craft Fair was great. I didn't have the usual team helping me and they were much missed but I had a great team of helpers step in to fill their shoes. So a HUGE thank you to Nigel, Andy, Jo, Zoe, Jane, Sean, Dad, Sal, and Ben for giving up their Saturday to come and help in the cafe and a BIG thank you to Hannah K, Lauren, Mum, Zoe, Dawn and Victoria for all your baking. I had a slice of Zoe's Victoria sponge today and it was fab. 

Hannah K. ran a fabulous making table all day and there were some amazing Easter baskets in the hub as a result. 

It was lovely to see everyone at the fair and meet lots of new people. Sarah Macdonald put the poster on the council's internal noticeboard which brought lots of new people to us. Clever. It is the chat, buzz and fun of the day that I love. It's like a party. In fact that is exactly what Zoe said. Sean added a certain mischief to the day and then continued into Sunday with his April Fools (still not forgiven). It was lovely that Jo came to help and I hope she'll do the same in the future. 

The Alley looking busy with Penny's Organic Shillingford Vegetables on sale...

Chocolate browies with chocolates on top
Chocolate browies with rabbits on top

Sarah Hewlett who was offering acupressure treatments
with Sean (make of the chocolate beetroot cake)

Zoe and Co.
Kat and Co.

Vanessa and her bunting

Lynne and Maddie

Paint Me a Picture

Hannah K and Dan making Easter baskets

Little Stitch

Hannah K's Cakes

Sean and Rach

A slightly nervous looking Joey

Lauren's Cupcakes


The Making Table

Ellie and her basket

Ellie's basket

Hannah K's making table

Sal's coffee and walnut cake

Peter, Sal and Ben

Olivia and Ella with their chick cakes


Yum #2

Verity and Co.

Mahalia making her basket

That's a fab photo of Zoe and Rach

Lovely Jo

Add caption

Mahalia and (I can't see the shoes!) Dominique?!

Sarah testing the baking

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