Monday, 28 January 2013

The Mass Charity Lampshade Make

The Mass Charity Lampshade Make on Saturday was quite something. The feedback on Twitter and Facebook has been a joy to read. Lots of buzz and the people are very proud of their creations and rightly so. I posted the following on Saturday night and it says it all really..
I am just back from closing up after the Mass Charity Lampshade Make. Ruth McAllister who ran the course was incredible today. She spent weeks planning this, gathering support, travelled down from Bristol, had a long 12 hour day, shared her secrets, donated her resources and raised a lot of money for CHARGE Family Support Group. There were many other people who supported her today but she was clearly the main woman. I know she must be exhausted but a HUGE thank you for being so generous in so many ways. Ruth you are great :)
Ruth has blogged about the day on her website:

And Rachel has blogged too (but she will blag more later this week):

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