Thursday, 24 January 2013

The First Bake-In of 2013

Yesterday Exeter Baking Club met at the hub as they do fortnightly only this time Lauren had mixed things up a bit. Everyone who came brought something on the ingredients list and the results were quite something. Citrus cloud biscuits....lime biscuits filled with a light and fluffy orange and lemon buttercream. The group shared out the biscuits and all went home with a goody bag.

Lauren's mum had lovingly made four Exeter Baking Club aprons with fabulous embroidery on the front. We had the oven in the alley in the snow. I wasn't sure it would get up to temperature but it did. No problem!

In a fortnight's time on Wednesday 6th February Baking Club will be baking Valentine heart biscuits. Lauren posted the recipe on her blog a year ago and the group decided this was the recipe to go for.

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