Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Ministry of Historical Defence

There always seem to be lots of exciting things going on in Exeter. I went for a meeting at The Bike Shed on Monday and hear murmuring about The Ministry of Historical Defence. Keep your eyes peeled in town as this is going to tun for a while and it's most puzzling. 

February half term (February 18th - 23rd) is Animated Exeter. The Hub on the Green is one of the venues for the very exciting Time Winders. Lottie and I are going to go and take part. From what I have heard it is going to be an incredibly exciting, interactive game played in venues around the city centre. We are really excited to be a part of the whole event. 

Time Winders

Venue: Exeter Phoenix
21st February, 2pm–5pm
22nd February, 2pm–5pm
23rd February, 2pm–5pm
£12/ £8 suitable 8 years+ under 18s must be accompanied
Inspired by a specially commissioned short story from multi award-winning author Philip Reeve, Time Winders is a street game that immerses players in an Exeter where time is fractured. Past, present and future collide with surprising consequences, seeming to place the modern day city on the edge of oblivion.
Exeter's city centre will be subtly transformed, with a series of 'retro-futuristic' locations. Players are given an object that will trigger different actions or animatedprojections offering challenges andclues that will take the players on to their next exciting destination.
A family game suitable for 8 years +, Time Winders uses the latest in pervasive gaming technology, combined with animation and theatre to create a unique story telling experience where the player controls the action. Time Winders is the brain child of the critically and commercially acclaimed Slingshot, creators of the smash hit street game 2.8 Hours Later.
Time Winders has been inspired by award-winning author Philip Reeve’s short story,The Exeter Riddles; both projects have been commissioned by Animated Exeter 2013 with support from Arts Council England through the National Lottery

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