Thursday, 17 May 2012

Exeter Baking Club - First Meeting

Exeter Baking Club yesterday was great. There was a lot of excitement about it in the run up and talk of what people would be making on the theme of ‘Favourites’. 
Lauren turned up with beautiful plates and cake forks and some of us brought our own fork and plate set (cake tastes so much better off china plates). Lauren had balloons, bunting and banners too. We all had our photos taken with our bakes and laid out all the cakes with the recipes alongside on the table and then we got stuck in. There were a lot of cakes to try and as we were voting later it was important to have a taste of everything. 
Geraldine was awarded the certificate for Baker of the Week with her yummy American Walnut Nougat Cake. 
And Lauren has blogged about the whole wonderful session on her website here... and she's blogged it beautifully :)

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