Monday, 28 May 2012


I know that lots of people have been trying to email. Since Saturday our email has been down so Simon and I are without our main emails. I have had a morning of concerned people letting me know. I am so sorry if this has been frustrating for you. I am really frustrated too. But I am always around on the phone or face-to-face so we'll just have to go back to old fashioned methods of communication. Use your imagination but if you are planning on sending a messenger pigeon, please be aware that I am not good with birds having scared a fledging with a bad leg into the path of oncoming traffic last week when I was trying to help it. It was so sad.  

We have been making at lunchtime. I have a lovely group of children who regularly come to the hub. We made lanterns on Friday and windmills today. 

Yoga Babies teacher Nikkie Huddart gave the new sofas a thumbs up today. Coffee timers did too but out of habit sat on the table and chairs...doh! This afternoon's Make and Takers liked them too. The Make and Take Club's final puppet show was hugely entertaining and it was lovely to sit with a coffee and watch the show this afternoon with all the other parents. I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Hannah and Pip from the Craft Hub for running their Make and Take Club since the end of last year. They have taught us so many crafting techniques. Lottie and my highlights were finger knitting, felting, origami, printing, making puppets, clay modelling and making blossom trees but we have learnt so much. Thank you both. 

We have had excitements today. The NCT Bumps and Babes Coffee Group is going to come to try out the hub on Tuesday afternoons. We have confirmed and finalised 'Come Along and Draw' for 2-3pm on Mondays starting after half term, the posters have gone up for 'Numbers are Fun' on Thursday Mornings and a local group I hugely admire are making enquires about making the hub their home. Who needs email?!!!

We have been looked after this weekend too. Reflexologist Sarah Hewlett gave the St Thomas W.I. a talk last Wednesday and they gave her £20 which she was lovely enough to donate to the hub and I took our buffet tables over to the Cathedral School for their Fair on Friday and they were lovely enough to give us a donation too. Finally a lovely person put a £10 note in our pink pig today. It all really helps and is really appreciated. The same can't be said for LOCOG (the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games) who left £4 in the pig. I say keep it local...those LOCOG-ers clearly don't carry cash.

I am still bouncing around ideas for the Summer so if you are interested in running a group or are looking for a venue then please do get in touch. During the holidays most of our regular groups will take a break leaving space for holiday-only groups to step in. We have storage facilities, tea and coffee facilities, loos, baby-changing, a central location, a fab roof and it's a 7.5 x 7.5 metre hall. 

Tomorrow is Peter & Magic Carpet's Community Choir and the last one before the half term break. It's also Lovely Hannah's last crafting group at the hub (unless she comes back in the future?) and she will be beading. It's so addictive. Lottie and I were beading at the pub on Friday night. We made a fab ring before the food came. Hannah has run a seven week course for us and although we will take a break next week for half term when family crafting will be on, crafting group will be back at noon on Tuesday 12th June. Tomorrow afternoon is our 'Write-In' from 1:30-3:30pm for any budding writers or members of a writing group who would like quiet space to concentrate on their project. The kettles on so you can help yourself to drinks. It's a free session with donations for refreshments. We have real coffee if that is what fuels your creativity. 

I have put a pause on Wednesday's walking group. We didn't have the uptake I had hoped so it wasn't sustainable but I fully intend to run it in the future when there is more interest. Maybe in the Autumn?

Wednesday's Baking Club (1:30-3:30pm) is only a day away. My offering is in the oven and it's worked :) The theme is Jubilee and if you would like to come, bring along a cake (it doesn't have to be crazily complicated - just yummy) and the recipe. A notebook is handy for jotting down other recipes you like and it is £3. It's a bargain and a giggle. 

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