Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Today at the Hub...

We had a right royal time of it today.

I got in to work at 8:30am and couldn't resist popping up to Princesshay to see what was happening in preparation for the royal visit. It was surprisingly quiet. Part of me wanted to claim a spot and stay there. But it was back to the hub for me. Tom popped by to plan his daughter's birthday party. Bouncy castle-tastic!

I could hear the build up from the hub so I spent the morning popping up and down and watching the crowds grow. At 10:45am the walking group headed down to the quay. The swans looked so sad with their heads buried in their feathers. Until today I hadn't realised that their eggs had washed away.

Laura, Alfie and I took the shortcut back to the hub as I needed to be back for coffee time. Once back, I had a text to say the Queen was running late. Laura offered to mind the hub, I headed up to Princesshay, climbed a barrier and the Queen and Prince Phillip walked past. Perfect timing! Then it was back to the hub for scones, cream, jam and knitting group. The knitters stayed most of the afternoon. The hub was full, warm and bathed in sunshine...just as it should be.

We had visitors this afternoon from a lady planning a party and her caterer. It's really lovely to hear from people what they plan for the hub when it is in their hands. Fairy lights, buffets, bouncy castles, sofa areas, play zones. crafting tables, balloon drops...all fab ideas.

Then a friend popped in for a cup of tea and a catch up. It was a good day and everyone was very buzzy. I think the Queen should come more often :)

I am just back from the cinema after watching Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. Loved it.

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