Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Saturday's Craft, Cake & Food Fair at the Hub

We had a fabulous time at the fair on Saturday. Thank you to everyone who came and supported us and made it such fun.

An especially big thank you to Sparkly Sonia who painted faces non-stop all day and gave all her face-painting donations to the hub. Sonia had her sketch book and the children/adults chose a picture from the book, adapted it and Sonia got painting. Her paintings were incredible and she made so many people happy and smiley. Great memories for the visitors to Exeter and the grandma who was babysitting one very happy face-painted granddaughter. Thank you SS.

The cake stall looked fabulous. We had lots of donations (thank you bakers) and, as mum pointed out, people brought what they liked to bake so we had an amazing variety. We had rock cakes, cupcakes, banana loaf, brownies, sponge cakes, Smarties cookies, Jubilee cakes, chocolate torte, brandy cake... and we were left with very little. You like your cake :) The talk of the day was Lauren's chocolate torte. It created a real buzz and lovely Lauren, who is starting up the Exeter Baking Club (on Twitter & Facebook) at the hub on 16th May, has put the recipe online.

We had new sellers as always. Lottie came away with a fabulous crochet chat from Rene which she has worn every day and I have a spotty flower broach from Dots & Spots. Sam (Silver by Sam)'s glass was as popular as ever, Lealeas had her wall hangings and Paint Me a Picture's Sarah was there with her amazing pictures. Sonia had her sparkly works of art too and Lottie was on the pocket money stall.

Hannah K ran the crafting table under her golden balloon, decorating bags. The crafters (particularly Caitlin, Philipa, Maisie, Max and Finn) spent hours on their decorations and the bags looked amazing. There was a seahorse theme running through the day started by Philipa. Hannah must have been exhausted as she is expecting a baby but she crafted all day and it was non-stop. We have amazing people at the fairs.

Sarah Hewlett was in both the hub and the health centre next door giving people acupressure sessions. She was a busy bunny too.

And Penny and Ian were out in the alley with their fabulous organic vegetables. It is great to see the vegetables come straight from Shillingford with Martyn at 10am and be on sale at 10:30am. You can't get fresher. Yum!

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