Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Woooo…busy day in Hubville

Woooo…busy day in Hubville. Thank you to Liz who helped umpteen knitters and crocheters with one arm (other one is brokenish) whilst under the influence of strong painkillers and with a three year old climbing on her lap. Star of the day to you Liz. Lovely to have visits from CVS's active citizenshipees and tree collector Susanne. Social enterprise group ESSENCE's steering meeting at One Voice Media sorting out constitutions. Showing party people and prospective practitioners around who ooohed and ahhhhed in all the right places  Collected a huge pile of cars from Kelly who has generously donated them to the hub (and with a car mat too) and congratulations and thank you to Pauline who celebrated her good times with us all with a bottle of bucks fizz and a seriously classy tin of biscuits during coffee time today. What a star!

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