Thursday, 9 January 2014

HOt G… a new logo?

This made me giggle. Sean sent me an email yesterday and it went like this…

Dear Joey 

An advantage of reaching the end of a Health contract is that you are restricted in what you can do – we can’t take people under our wing and then leg it – and so spare time is available. 

I suspect that later on in the year, you will have a competition for a new logo, and I thought I’d get my entry in now. 

I like the freewheelin’ anarchist stealing electrical cable for resale in the metal recycling market that is your current logo. An up-to-the-minute commentary on what we are all reduced to in order to maintain our Waitrose habit. 

However, having finally realised that your organisation is called ‘The HOt G’ (lower case t essential, I think) by the kids on the street, I have spent 2 minutes on Photoshop and created my winning design, attached.

I will put the prize money towards a limited edition Alessi pepper grinder that looks like a space alien (available from Waitrose online). Please spell my name correctly on the comedy giant cheque. 

Kind regards

Sean Wheeldon

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