Sunday, 26 January 2014

A busy Friday...

Lat Friday was a wonderful day at the hub. It summed up how we try to work with the community to raise smiles and make everyone feel included. In the morning, the hub was in full flow with Monkey Music and Hola Caramelo! I went to visit the Health & Social Care teachers at Newton Abbot College. They are a truly inspiring group. They are very keen to link with their local care homes to start Kissing It Better projects. I came back for coffee time and it was a busy one. A tired David had been making marmalade jelly until 3am to bring in (it's seriously good!) and Sarah was making origami flowers (thank you Kat Thomas for teaching us) for her gran and everyone joined in (once we had taught them how) so she had a huge bunch when she left. David's jams got corduroy covers with a little help from Julie and a visitor from Japan to see what we were up to. In the afternoon I went to visit a local care home to see what we can do for them. They had lots of ideas. Requests for a Scrabble player led to wonderful comments on Facebook. And as well as three uni students starting the Reading In Care Homes Project, I will be looking for someone from the Uni who loves to UFOs, National Geographic and scientific research. Helen came to run one of her Patterned Roller Workshops in the evening and so we covered the floor of the hub with printed tissue which we turned into pompoms of all sizes. What a fab day!

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