Thursday, 7 March 2013

Exeter Gingerbread Group for Single Parents

A message from Claire at Exeter Gingerbread (a social group for single parents and their children)

Dear All I'm just trying to find out who feels they will make it to the meet next week at the Hub  - Wednesday 13th March 3.30-5.30pm?  For those who would like to we will be creating Easter headwear by recycling any hats that we bring along with various arts and crafts materials.  Please can you let me know if you are intending to come along and whether you would like to do the crafting so that I can prepare the right amount of crafting materials and make arrangements for my time also - thank you. 23rd March - I can be at the Pheonix Arts centre cafe from 2pm for an hour or so to chat with anyone who can come along about any ideas for the group and any feedback.  People can stay for as long as they want to, or if you can't make it please email me any ideas you have.  Its our group and its important eveyone has a say in the way forward.   7th April meet up at Pheonix family Sundays - can anyone turn up and meet others who may like to go to this?   I am not available to do this due to other commitments.  There is no pressure or  responsibility apart from being the first person to turn up at the venue for other people to meet.  Can anyone be at the RAMM cafe (museum cafe) at 11ish - 11.30 on Sunday 7th April to meet others for a coffee and chat and then go on to do the family activities if people would like to?  If anyone has already made plans to go along  - please let me know and then I can let new members who contact me know. best wishes Claire

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