Thursday, 17 February 2011

Busy Thursday at the Cafe

Following our gluten-free cookery workshop last night we had a few pieces of carrot cake which we shared with customers today. They were really impressed so we handed out the recipe sheets from last night. Photos of the recipes were taken on mobile phones...who needs pencil and paper these days!!! We shared our cauliflower and spinach dahl soup recipe with someone else and our gluten-free lemon cake with another (well after buying three in one day they deserved it!). We gave tips on lemon oil and baked carrot cake, banana muffins, lemon and almond cake, mincemeat & linseed flapjack and good old coffee & walnut cake. It was like the great Cully bake-off! So fabulous smells filled the centre. This is of course nothing special, it happens every day. It's just today I was in the kitchen with Christine and lucky enough to get the compliments.

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