Monday, 5 September 2011

Sore Thumbs!

Lottie's first day back at school started with a nasty dog and a dead squirrel but after that the day could only get better and it did, for both of us. Phew!

We were off to collect furniture. We collected our Thrifty van (more like a truck) from a lovely lady. She knew people we knew, knitted and and liked historic buildings. It doesn't get better than that. The van was amazing, silver and shiny and huge with six gears, but I chickened out of driving, at least on the way there.

We arrived in Bristol hungry and in need of coffee.
It's just not perfectly poached eggs on toast!

We got nearly everything we wanted. The chairs were discontinued and the desk had sold out. There was no desk quite right for Jenny in the health centre and I didn't have meatballs :(

 But I did get some fab new green mugs.
...And then I had to build everything. I thought I was going to lose the plot. Lottie recognised all the signs and took Grangran off to M&S to get emergency supplies. Then they took pity on me and started getting stuck into the unwrapping. Then we found a new game. Lottie timed me on every chair and wrote the results on the blackboard...the aim was by the time the men turned up to help, they would have a time to beat. Only by the time the men turned up, I had built all the chairs. I also got it down to three minutes per chair. I rock!
Before we turned it into a game (and it started to be quite good fun) I put in a call to Tolerant Andy and a shout out on Facebook (thank you Rachael for offering to come but 'family first, furniture second'. That has to be the rule). 

Mum getting into the swing of it
After unpacking the mugs, Lottie and Mum started on origami tulips
Between you and me, he needed a little bit of help!

Thank you to Mum, Simon, Andy and Lottie who gave up their evening to build a lot of furniture and now have sore thumbs so 'Our Arty Ones' would have somewhere to create magic tomorrow. 

Oh and on that note...I had a phone call today from a lovely lady who has a friend who felt left out because she wasn't invited to badge-making. It goes like this...things we do at the hub are open to everyone. If you would like to come and help you are more than welcome. It is an all-inclusive place where we aim to build confidence not to knock it. So if you hear of something going on and you want to be a part of it just let me know. The more the merrier. And I am so sorry for any hurt feelings. I will press-gang people I know well but am wary of pressuring people I don't (some may disagree with that). 

And we had another lovely lady pop by. A lady called Heidi came in to talk about French language classes for children. We are meeting on Wednesday to talk further and Sarah is dropping off the dolls' house on the same day...
Isn't it beautiful :)
Very excited about our new house. Let's get decorating!

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