Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Just the Tonic

 I got home and found this email...
I just wanted to say well done you! Your hub is so fabulously buzzing and busy! :)

And it works! I was about to murder everyone in Exeter this morning, but just 90 minutes of hub love at lunchtime and I am rejuvenated!

You're a star! 
I felt just the same. I was struggling this morning. A chase-your-tail sort of morning and when noon arrived (with a teacake) it was just the tonic. I could feel myself go humph. Such lovely people in and good chat, lots of laughs and a fresh start to the afternoon which went much better than the morning. It just goes to show that often the way a day pans out is in our own hands - we just need a bit of a break in order to change the pattern of the day. I love the hub.

Tomorrow the hub is closed but I am looking forward to Friday.

I had a lovely chat with Sheila Cove today who is going to run a taster session of Margaret Morris Movement on Monday 30th January at 2-3pm so if you would like to try something new and are free on Monday afternoons why not pop by. The taster session will be followed by regular weekly sessions at the same time.

I am updating the website too. My blog is where my heart is so I need to really gee myself up to tweak the website but I think I am making some progress. The best way to find out what is on is to pop by and ask.

The next Cake and Craft Fair is going to be on Saturday 4th February so if you are interested in coming, selling or helping get in touch.

Friday afternoon is Beat the Blues at 2-4pm organised by the Women's Network. It is £1.50 a session and you can just pop along. Please see the poster in a previous blog post for more details.

I am yet to play my first hub dominoes match (is it a match?). Jane? Friday? I am currently being thrashed on 'Words with Friends' (if you have an iPhone it is just the best) by Andy who I pride myself in beating when it comes to word games. Maybe in 2012, dominoes will my game, knitting will be my craft and pigs might fly?!