Monday, 26 September 2011

Many Hands...(well it depends whose hands they are!)

This morning I was asked to by Rach (Little Stitch) for more posters for the craft & cake fair. I gave her an embarrassingly large amount. I know she is a woman on a mission. But by the time I had finished my first meeting she had run out (and met some real characters along the way) - go Rach! I should get her to blog her adventures whilst on poster drop-offs (Rach are you reading this? I am serious!). After that she taught people to knit and has planned cakes for the weekend. When I grow up, I want to be as organised as Rach! Mum was also spreading the word at her yoga class. 

I had meeting with a prospective teacher at the hub, then Alex from Exeter Community Initiatives (who gave me lots of contacts to get in touch with and lots of existing groups to find out about) and then I had a meeting with some new group leaders who have exciting plans afoot. I can’t wait until they are all confirmed and we can put everything on the calendar. 
One of the gentlemen in the office upstairs came to get a plaster and ask about yoga classes. He had cut himself washing up!  He recognises that by sitting at his desk all day he would benefit from a bit of yoga and likes the ‘break in the middle of the day’ idea. Pop downstairs, bit of yoga and pop back up again. Perfect. Simon always talks about making healthcare accessible to all. This is about as accessible as it gets. 
Simon went up to Cullompton for a meeting and collected the Start Here kiosk which didn’t really work in the way we had hoped at our cafe but I think it will come into its own at the hub. It fits so well with what we were talking about this morning - giving people the information they want or need in a way that suits them. Lottie had a play and now knows all about help available when giving up smoking. Should I be concerned that out of all the options available she was drawn to this one? 
Then I built four kitchen units with the help of Lottie and a power tool. It was slightly alarming when the first line of the instructions said, “Instillation should be performed by a competent person only.” Well there was clearly no need to read any further. These instructions weren’t aimed at me. We looked at the pretty pictures and two hours, one eccles cake, one palmier biscuit and three cups of tea later...job done! 

Simon has been trying really hard to unmuddle the muddle I have caused with the website. is coming soon. It is all ready to go as soon as the hosting site gets sorted. Those of you that are waiting for it, thank you for your patience.


  1. Joey, I'm so so proud of you, those cabinets are fab. I've just put the sewing needles away and I'm now plotting my drop off route for tomorrow...I thought after this morning running around like a headles chicken I would have lost a few pounds but suppose not after rewarding myself with a lovely bar of cadburys!! I will do better tomorrow but...I must drop off at Boston Tea Party and who knows... ;0) xx

  2. Really looking forward to Saturday - I have emailed the poster to everyone I can think of that I know in Devon!!!

    Sophie is very excited too...she has got a little wardrobe to go in the dolls house. If you need a wardrobe!!

    Good carpentry skills Joey, I'm impressed!!


  3. Rach, I have printed the posters for you. I haven't made it to Boston Tea Party..can you believe it?!!!

    And Becky and Sophie...a wardrobe is so exciting. Our first dollhouse furniture - what stars you are! Sophie gets guest of honour at the fair...or maybe Fair Queen xxx