Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Someone Spoke to Me!!!

I was quite chirpy anyway (whatever Jane tells you about our 'flat' phone conversation this morning, it's simply not true. Well... a little bit true but someone was parked in my space and then I set the hub's alarms off) so I was chirpy anyway but then, when I checked the blog, someone had commented under a post. That's made my day. Thank you Catherine. Take note please other readers. I like people to talk to me. I sit in my hub, writing on blackboards, humming to myself, tapping away on my laptop, talking to the statues, blah blah blah and then a comment! Brilliant. 

Anyway today, as well as talking to the statues, Jenny and I met to go shopping to fit out the dispensary. I think we did it. I am waiting for the email with the cost breakdown but it feels good to have that done and dusted. I hope the health centre patients like olive wood. Classy? Definitely! 
My angel statue

My lion friend - he's not blurry in real life

And Liz (crocheter to the stars and receiver of complements on her spanish donkey by a duchess) has agreed to crochet for our up-and-coming Saturday craft sales. Hurray! If I can snap up Jacquie too and find Jan a bit of time to knit, I will have the A-Team of clever crafty people. Then if I lock them in the tower and make them knit for freedom - I'm laughing!

Jane is popping by tomorrow to talk teenagers and Andy and Michael are popping in for free coffee! I am still collecting empty jam jars, material scraps (they can be really small as they are to cover badges and jam jars) and wool (again small balls are fine as we can use everything). Either email, ring or pop by and we can sort out how to get them here. 


  1. Liking the free coffee

  2. But I STILL have to bring my own teabags!
    (And this makes two comments. Is that a record?)

  3. Jane, it is a record although I was hoping for the 'not moany' sort of comment. But beggers can't be choosers.

    I really did try to get you teabags but decaffeinated earl grey is harder to find than I expected. :)