Wednesday, 16 February 2011

John Crompton's Coeliac Cookery Workshop

The trouble with a really good course is that you get so involved that you forget to take photos. We had a really good time at John & Jacqui Crompton's Coeliac cookery workshop. We had chocolate chickpea cake, carrot cake, profiteroles, fruit scones and pizza. All very delicious. Thank you John and Jacqui for a fabulous evening and thank you to Tina for being such a great help handing out the goodies. For more details or to contact John about further courses click here.
The Cromptons busy at Cafe Sustain

gluten-free profiteroles

gluten-free profiteroles (and I have the left over chocolate sauce in my fridge!!!)

Nurse Lis testing the results!

gluten-free fruit scones with balsamic strawberry jam

John making pizzas

Carrot cake (left) and chocolate chickpea cake (right)

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