Friday, 1 June 2012

It's been quite a week...

It has been an amazing week. As huge amount has been achieved at the hub this week.

Yesterday Simon and I had our planning meeting. We startes in reception but it was too distracting, so we moved to the sofas in the hub but there were lots of interruptions so we headed onto the cathedral green but there were no empty benches. Then we had the inspired idea of taking our wicker sofa onto the green. It worked really well. This morning I had a post of Facebook next to the picture from a lady who was so pleased when we stood up to go thinking she could grab a bench and then gutted when we took our seat with us. 
I had a great meeting with Rob from Magic Carpet and Peter Kyrke-Smith about their choir which meets in the hub on Tuesday mornings. There are going to be some more developments on that front soon. I am putting the Hub Pixies to work and putting the word out that we would love a hand-drawn poster for the choir. There is certain information that needs to go on but the design can be anything wonderful. If you are interested in having a go (there is no prize or payment - this is about lovely people helping us out) then let me know.

Tuesdays at the hub are now all about baby. Babyccino and NCT Bumps and Babes are going to alternate starting at 1:30pm. The calendar on the right-hand side of this blog will let you know the dates. Another great website for all things baby is Their calendar is great at letting you know what's happening on the baby front. 

They were handing out free cupcakes in town. I managed to collect one for Darren who works with us that matched his jumper...
Last night I went to a networking meeting for social enterprises and cooperatives on social media. It was really useful. I met a lady who is new to the area and setting up parenting groups. She told me that the hub had been mentioned to her numerous times since she arrived. That makes me happy. 

I got back home quite late after collecting my Lottie from a friend's house. Today is jubilee day at school and we blinged up Lottie's scooter, nails and hairband. We were greeted at school by the Queen (amazing what a headteacher can do with a mask, a headscarf and a wave). I have a jubilee bracelet on so I don't feel left out. Hannah (crafting group) had a packet of snazzy paper chains and some glue dots...instant quality bracelet :)

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