Thursday, 28 June 2012

Seven Days at the Hub

Yet again...we have exciting things happening and I get so involved I forget to take any photos. 

Last weekend we had the baby fair at the hub. Arabella worked really hard to pull it all together and she did an amazing job. It was an amazing collection of experts in all things bump and baby. Arabella's website is great for all things baby. 
Saturday's Baby Fair
On Saturday morning Simon Mills (our Simon) and Robin Harford ran the first of two WIld Food-Wild Medicine foraging walks that left from the hub at 10am and returned at noon. If you are interested in the second one it is on Saturday 7th July at the same time. For more details click here
Simon (left) and Robin (right) at the start of Wild Food-Wild Medicine

On Monday we welcomed award winning University of Exeter Professor Ian Cook (Associate Professor of Human Geography, College of Life & Environmental Sciences...oh er!) and his students. He was running 'Follow The Things' performance workshop. Do have a look at Follow The Things  (it's on twitter too). It's an amazing project and very thought provoking and it was put together by the inspiration Ian Cook. 

I was poorly on Wednesday so I missed Exeter Baking Club but there were lots of new members this week and Sylvia won the 'Bake of the Week' certificate with her Bubble Cake. Exeter Baking Club will meet again in two weeks on Wednesday 11th July and there will be visitors from The Olive Tree's Language Class so Lauren has given the club an international theme. I asked whether Devon was international enough and apparently not :( So I need to get my thinking cap on. You are welcome to come along. It is £3 a session from 1:30-3:30pm. Bring along a home baked something and the recipe. Don't worry about what...just come along and enjoy. Exeter Baking Club's Facebook page is here and Lauren who runs EBC has a blog too. 

Today we had our ESENCE networking meeting at the hub. It is a meeting for local social enterprises and cooperatives and I was so pleased that they met at the hub. Next month's meeting is also at the hub. Goody.

We have new classes booked in for September...pastel drawing and charoal drawing through the WEA. We also have a parenting session booked in. More details to follow soon. 

Baby Massage starts tomorrow but it's not in the hub but in the large carpeted room in our health centre right next door to the hub. It is run by ante-natal teacher Clare Lowing. Click here for more details.

This Saturday there is a party at the hub. I am clearing out the hub completely tomorrow so the party girl (lady) can make it her own. It's the perfect opportunity for a tidy up. 

This Sunday Ruth Sewell is running her Gentle Space Day. 
Gentle Space
Guided Retreat Day
Take a break from your day to day pressures and spend a tranquil day in beautiful surroundings taking part in:-
Relaxation exercises
Guided imagery
Poetry and Stories
Gentle reflective walk on a canvas floor laid labyrinth

Retreat Guide
Ruth Sewell has many years experience of leading small group retreats and she will be your guide for this day. Ruth is interested in supporting people to find the best ways to enrich their lives by greater commitment to balancing life pressures, staying well and living life to its fullest potential. Reaching this potential can be achieved if there is a daily commitment to balancing activities, of rest, good nourishment, at all levels, and effective self-help approaches which help to reduce levels of daily stress and the fatigue that arise in busy modern life.
Date: 1st July, 2012, Sunday
Venue: The Hub on the Green, 8 Cathedral Close, Exeter
Times: 9.30am to 4.30pm.
Cost: £60 to include beverages and a 2 course vegetarian lunch.

* Places are limited early booking advisable.*
Contact Ruth Sewell: Tel: 01626-779649 or Mobile 07872907179 Email:

You can now order Penny's vegetables and other groceries online and it really is easy. It's click on the pictures and pay by Paypal or card. Click here for the website.
The vegetable waiting to go to their new homes

A big thank you this week to...
to Liz who is out knitting group superstar. Thank you for teaching Jo to Crochet.
Liz & Jo crocheting
to Jo who read the little ones stories when my voice had packed in. 
to Rachel for baking much-loved date slices for coffee time.
to The Fruit Tree for choosing us as a venue. 
to Andy for my flowers to make me feel better. 
to Arabella for organising the baby fair.
to Ian for remembering us and supporting us when we knew noone!
to Little Stitch for spreading the word. 
to Kelly for donating things from her clear out for our bric a brac stall.
to Sal for donating cookery books.

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