Thursday, 21 June 2012

Lastest Hub News...

So I had a cunning plan. I would capture my day in photos and then post them up meaning that I could still keep up to date with the blog without typing only I got so distracted by my day that I completely forgot to use my camera. 
We had a guest yoga teacher in. She was great. Roberta will be back next week. 
Coffee time was a busy one. Jo was fabulous and read stories to the children on the sofa. Everyone seemed as high as kites. How long can we blame the weather for all that is quirky in the world? 

We were doodling for Wonfest. Henry took the doodles home on his bike, ran into his house to get waterproofs and his bike and the doodles were stolen. I am so sad that all our doodlers hard work are either in a hedge somewhere or adorning the wall of some bike thief. 
Poor Henry - no bike!
Penny turned up with a mysterious looking box. It turned out it was her fleece that she was  planning to wash with Verity. Yesterday we were asked to be a crime scene venue for an interactive murder mystery and today we are washing fleeces. You just never know at the hub. Penny thought I was cross with her but I loved it. I love that they do such random and crazy things at the hub and it gives me blog-fodder and makes me smile because it wasn’t in the business plan!

Liz christened the teapot and we had some new knitters in.  

In the early afternoon Tat from the Devon Grapevine and I headed off to Real Food to plan some cookery courses. As always happens with the magical people who work in community initiatives in Exeter, we left with a much bigger plan and all fired up.Plus I got an invitation to see Tat’s donkeys. Strap a horn on a donkey and you have a unicorn Simon Bowkett so these donkeys could come in useful. 
Later on Simon and I headed to the X-Centre down by the quay. Wren music were having a series of three collaborative meetings about music initiatives in the city in one day. 
Sue Daniels had tai chi in the evening. 

Today we started with the Devonshire Association’s welcome to new members. I redid all the boards and have figured out a new way of keeping the a-board waterproof. Very satisfying. Then Jacqueline from Mind and Body next door and I met up for a talk about World Peace Day on September 21st. Exeter City Centre’s Manager John Harvey has helped us get Princesshay Square for the day so we will have a celebration of community groups with a series of 10ish minute performances. If you would like to be involved please do get in touch. The more the merrier. And then on Saturday 22nd September we are planning a peace fair in the hub with taster sessions at Mind and Body and at The Sustainable Health Centre. Again let me know if you would like to be a part of this. 
I am now in Boston tea Party having lunch ang getting to grips with MailChimp (and blogging).  

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