Thursday, 14 June 2012

The First Ever Performance...

Lovely Tat who does all sorts of great things but I know her through The Olive Tree and The Devon Grapevine which is a fab online resource. Have a nosey if you don't already know it. Tat popped in yesterday with some crafty bits and pieces for us to use at the hub. Sonia....there are sparkly bits and for our daily crafty events there are all sorts of goodies to inspire.  We will take pretty much anything from anyone. If we can't use it ourselves in the hub (which is highly unlikely) we know someone who can or it goes into our freecycle box. 
Sophie gave me some perspex boxes a while ago when she moved house. They were from Habitat when it closed down and I had no idea what to do with them but couldn't say no. It has also always bothered me that our knitting needles and wool always looks so unsightly. During Tai Chi I decided I would take out old retro knitting patterns that I collect (even though I can't knit) and I would decoupage  with them - covering the scratched perspex cubes and make knitting containers. So I will start tomorrow lunchtime. I expect we will need a coat of varnish at the end but it should look pretty cool. If we cover each container with a hint of what's inside then we will be able to find things easily. If anyone can foresee any problems with this plan - please let me know.

Today's 'Fun with Numbers' course was busier which is great news. If you are free between 9:30-11:30am on Thursdays and would like to brush up on your maths then this is the place. Next week there is a break as there was a prior booking but the week after (28th June) 'Fun with Numbers' will be back. 

Tonight Lottie and I went to real food to the Magic Carpet Exhibition Open Evening. The Community Choir who meet at the hub had their first ever performance and it was excellent. I videoed it but it will take me a while to figure out how to edit them.

Yesterday at Exeter Baking Club Lauren showed us how to make fondant roses. We tried really hard. My fondant pig was a little more successful but the funniest bit was watching Dominique and Kezia eat their way through piles of fondant icing. 

They were subtle at first but by the end of the session they were confident enough to roll up a ball of icing the size of golf ball, stick it on top of a piece of cake and gobble up the whole thing. Below are their faces afterwards. I lifted them up so they could see what they looked like in the mirror. Wonderful.

This is another fab photo...this is my mum reading all the children a story on the sofa on Wednesday at Knitting group. The books were left over from the book stall at the craft fair and the children are loving them.

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