Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Tuesday at the Hub

There has been a lovely response to Saturday's Craft & Cake Fair. Lots of lovely messages on Facebook and Twitter, lots of text messages and kind words not just towards the people who helped out on the day but between people who met for the first time and that's where being able to see each others' comments of Facebook comes into its own.

I know that Wendy Brooking from The Still Rooms made a huge impact with her kitchen cosmetics demos and lots of people are keen to learn more.

We had so many donations of cakes from our wonderful hub people. I am going to see whether I can remember everyone by the order they came in but I have a sinking feeling that I am going to wake up in the middle of the night remembering someone who is not on the list...here goes...

Thank you to...
Mum Rachel for her brownies, lemon drizzle cake, oaty slices and chocolate brandy cake, carrot cake
Penny for her rock cakes
Sonia for her sparkly crispy cakes
Sean for his chocolate beetroot cake
Sarah for her potato cake
Sarah for her white chocolate and raspberry cupcakes
Sal for her carrot cake and coffee and walnut cake
Verity for her jewelled cupcakes and red velvet cupcakes
Victoria and Ollie for their chocolate brownie cake pops
Lauren for her chocolate orange cookies
Jonathan and Liz for their orange cake with lemon drizzle

All our bakers make our cake sale much more exciting and help us to make the cake sale a great success. Thank you all. 

Monday was a goody at the hub. There was Yoga Babies, Come Along and Draw, Coffee Time, Yoga with Wendy and Active Birthing. The carpet fitters upstairs and the cross driver in the car park who blocked our front door wound me up but the hub was, as always, fab with fab people. 
The highlight of my day was reading stories 

Tuesday was bonkers today. Choir was the busiest I have ever seen it/heard it. I am sure they must have known that we had flapjack for them. I had someone come and look at using a room in the Sustainable Health Centre. He is a real 'life and soul' sort so I am hoping he will join the team. Textile artist Eve Malster started her crafting sessions today by making needle-felted creatures with the group. They made some really amazing creatures. Little Mahalia aged 7 (and only just) made the most spectacular robin. Eve is a fabulous teacher. We are very lucky to have a string of such wonderful craft teachers. 
Coffee time was a busy one. This afternoon the NCT's Bumps and Babes came to their new home at the hub. It was lovely to meet Tania and Arabella was her usual fabulous organised self. 

Tomorrow we have Roberta's two yoga classes in the morning and then knitting group. I will be making flower ribbon corsages with the little ones or playing elastics...it depends how much bounce we have. Then it's Exeter Baking Club. At the last meeting we were all asked to bring along a favourite recipe. Lauren shuffled them and handed them out. I (with a little slight of hand because Lauren took pity on my pleading for an easy one) got crispy cake and I've messed it up! Lottie and I popped to High Street Tescos and the ingredients were so ridiculously expensive that we drove to one of the larger stores where we managed to pick up what we needed. I picked up what I thought were Rice Krispies but they aren't really. They are more solid and to be honest not as nice. But they were in the mix by the time I realised so I have mucked up the ridiculously simple recipe. Oh the shame!

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