Thursday, 30 August 2012

Hub News

Days have been flying by at the hub...there is so much activity in Exeter at the moment. So much buzz! I think people who have been lucky enough to have a break this summer (like me) have been plotting and planning and have come back all fired up.

The hub's timetable for September is really exciting and we have such a variety of events with more in the planning stages. It is amazing who walks through the door. Today I met a lady who is part of a Filapino-British organisation to support the Filipino community here in Exeter and the organisation is changing. She is fired up and excited to get involved with Devon Grapevine and I am keen for her organisation to get involved at the hub. We also had foody visitors with plans and tonight was our ESENCE Social Enterprise Group which was brilliant but late in the evening which makes it hard to settle. My head is spinning a bit.

Tomorrow is Eve's 'Re, Re, Re...' recycled materials workshop. It's sure to be a goody.

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