Monday, 3 October 2011

New Loo, New Noticeboard, Working Sink = Heaven!!!

It was a dodgy start to the day but it's turn out all right in the end. Lovely Dean was back in again this morning to do the last bit of work on the dispensary. I started off my day in B&Q which was never going to get me off to a good start. I couldn't find the pipe supports! I got all in a bit of a muddle but Dean was great and it all got sorted thanks to his calm nature. I can't remember what else was going on but it all seemed a bit much. But it doesn't take a lot to turn the day around. Dad rang up to say he was on his way with the new noticeboards. Our hub is just fabulous but being listed we can't attach anything to the walls so dad came up with a cunning plan for the boards including special hooky things. Genius. He took away the last bit of cake from Saturday's sale (as payment?!). 
Dad with his latest creation
Let's fill it up!

Then Danny came over with Ruth. Now he's a tonic in himself. Danny always came to knit and natter with Ruth and he has the loveliest nature. He tested out our new building blocks and it was great to catch up with Ruth and her new bump. I had a meeting at 2pm and so I had to say good-bye to them rather abruptly. I am sorry Ruth, it was so lovely to see you. The days just aren't long enough. 
Little Danny testing out the blocks
Shane the other plumber finished the en-suite. I just need to do a bit of interior decorating and flooring but we are so nearly there. 
It's a brand new loo - never been used! 
I am now sitting at the new desk in the reception of the adjacent Sustainable Health Centre whilst the Hub is being used for it's first ever class. White Lotus Meditation have their first meeting. The dongle is working in here and I am ploughing through the emails. Clearing some of the To Do List will help me get a good start to the day tomorrow, except that I am starting in B&Q again! But it is only to find cupboard doors and I know what they look like!


  1. Hurray Loo Success, well done - sounds like a very productive day all in all. And looking at that photo of your dad, I can spy fruit cake - sold first last time but obviously not this time! Ha ha!

    Are you going to be there tomorrow afternoon? Am going to be in Exeter for a bit xx

  2. It's the perfect daddy payment. He was a very happy bunny as he loves fruit cake (you can see by the way he is clutching it in the photo). I think it was always meant to be his.

    I am all over the place tomorrow but I would love to give you your cake ox back and see you. Ring me and maybe we can squeeze in a cuppa!