Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Wow! What happened?

So Monday was so quiet that I was able to spend an hour and a half with Penny talking food things.
Tuesday was so calm that I managed to sit down and enjoy a civilised conversation.
Today everyone came at once. It was so busy. And whilst Liz lovingly mended Cathy's crocheted blanket, I took care of her little Penny and we played hub hostesses together. We did really well as there were a lot of people and I want to say a big thank you to everyone who put a contribution in the pink pig. 

We had exciting visitors too. A local GP which we are always on the look out for, the brownie leaders who are joining us after Easter, a brave an who battled through the knitters, Luke our 'fast-track to advanced' knitter was there as were lots of other lovely regulars. 

A big thank you to Verity's girls for doing an amazing tidying up job. 
A big thank you to Liz for helping Cathy.
A big thank you to Arabella for mucking in, making teas and tidying up.
A big thank you to Sophie for my chocolate rabbit (now all gobbled up).
A big thank you to David for your blackcurrant jelly - so good on teacakes :)

Please help...
I would love a few more bakers to be able to bring along a donation of a cake to our cake and craft fair. 
I would love a second hand A-board/pavement sign.
I would love any plastic milk bottle tops or stamps for charity. 
I would love to see lots of you on Friday for a cup of tea and a teacake. 


  1. You need more cake for next week...I shall bring more cake! :) Anything in particular?? And I have also started collecting my milk tops for you :)

    1. Lauren, thank you. You are a star on the cake front and the milk bottle top front. We would like some more of those crazy looking cupcakes you make. They were soooooo popular :)

    2. I'll be making lots of vanilla, and chocolate easter themed cupcakes which i'll bring along...and maybe even a cheeky phoenix cake ;)

    3. Lauren...I can't wait to see them! They sound fab :) And the phoenix cake at last...readers go to

  2. Verity and Girls22 March 2012 at 08:58

    We love the Hub on the Green, it's our favourite place since moving to Exeter. x

    1. That's such a lovely message Verity and the Girls...thank you