Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Just Reeeelaaaaax!

I left home without my camera! I won't do that again. 

Today: Well my back was much better today so I was able to do a serious tidy up and sort out of the hub. I think my back got wind of the fact that the badge-maker was being returned so it could relax and was out of any immediate danger. It was a good job I tidied up as it was like Picadilly Circus at the hub today...

I started with a bit of blackboard painting. The new signs are up outside the hub and lots of people stopped to read them. I have put a list up of the courses and events that we have confirmed and also a plea for wanted wool for our community knitters. 

Then the visitors started. We had a lovely couple who were staying in Charmouth who now have a new recommendation to go to Town Mill Bakery in Lyme Regis for eccles cakes - you see, we are here to help! The husband said he always gets told of by his wife for opening doors and peering in but on this occasion it paid off. Let that be a lesson to us all. Then a flower arranger from Cheshire en route to a flower conference in Torquay popped in with her husband. They admired the idea, the building and the origami flowers. They were lovely and great company. According to the husband I must write a play called 'Origami Tulips' and set it in a medieval hall and send it to the BBC. The husband is looking forward to it being televised. He's going to be waiting a long time for that to happen. 

A long time ago, in a place not so far from here...

I could get into this...

...a flower seller...

No, that's it. I'm burnt out. I need some help. Suggestions please.

At lunchtime, Roberta brought over her yoga class to see what they think of the hub as a new site for their existing class. Many of them looked familiar and it was good to see Julia who I have known about for 30 years but have never spoken to. We spoke today. I think the group were very taken with the hub. No, that should be: I think the group were very taken with the coffee at the hub!

Then came Gillian who had heard about us through Em's sister. Em helped at our fair on Saturday. You see how this works?!!! Gillian is a meditation and relaxation teacher and very highly rated by Em. She may join us. We will see. 

Then came Jude and Jo. Jude runs a meditation class (although it's very different to Gillian's) and is thinking of moving her class to the hub as it's so quiet. Jo is a member of her class and also a member of the Women's Network which I am going to learn more about next week.

I also had an email from Jacky, the Volunteers' Coodinator at the Cathedral, so we are going to meet up soon. It's all happening. 

After a meeting with the Notaries House practitioners (who will be next door to the hub as of October), Osteopath Chris and I talked net curtains and then it was off to collect Lottie. By the time I arrived in the playground I was buzzing from a busy day and poor Rachael (Sock Creature Creator) had to deal with an over-excited buzzy Joey. Rach, I hope you are OK and you have 24 hours to recover before we come over to talk dispensary fittings with your husband. Is that long enough? 

Then I took Lottie swimming, only the pool was a lurid yellow colour. The inflatable had reacted with the pool water and they had to close it. So we went out for something to eat and drew owls for Sharon's craft fair poster. 

So we are making real progress. The hall is filling up with a variety of groups, I am widening my network of community contacts and people are really excited about getting involved in what we are doing. 'Tis all good.

Now what was it again? A long time ago, in a place not so far from here there lived a... troll, an ugly troll, an origami-flower eating troll. (This is more like it!)
"I'm hungry," growled the troll, "I'm gonna get myself some origami!"
So he stomped and he stomped and he stomped until he came to a green where he saw a little girl flying her kite.
"Gimme that kite!" growled the troll.
"Why?" asked the little girl. She was a brave little girl and not scared of growlers. Her mummy growled all the time. It was what she was used to.
"Because I am an origami-flower-eating troll and THAT is an origami flower."
"No it's not!" squealed the little girl clutching the kite close to her chest so the troll wouldn't grab it. "It's a KITE!"
"Well it LOOKS like origami, it SMELLS like origami, I expect it will TASTE like origami," and he tried to wrestle the kite from the little girls hands but before could take a bite the kite and the little girl where picked up by a gust of wind and carried to safety on the roof of the cathedral where the little girl looked down at the troll and poked out her tongue. 
"Humph!" humphed the troll and he stomped and he stomped and he stomped until...


  1. Hee hee you do make me laugh! What would I do without my evening's reading of the blog to keep me amused!! We are off to Woolacombe for a few days now, to escape the extension-building-madness-and-mess...but will hope I can get internet on my phone to keep up with the hub's progress!! and of course any troll-related origami developments... xx

  2. I was just getting into that story..., if you glance at facebook you can see Dean and splodge are preparing for your arrival :0)


  3. Becs, have a great time on holiday and we shall see you soon I hope and Rach, there may be the second part of the story tomorrow depending on what time I get home from your house. Best kick me out early if you want a bedtime story x