Monday, 19 December 2011

The Pasta Pesto Pledge

There are various people that I have been stalking/following online for many years and this is an email from one of them. I first got interested in food banks when running the cafe in Cullompton and hoped that we could in some way be involved but I found there just weren't enough hours in the day (there still aren't...moan moan moan) but it doesn't mean these people get forgotten just banked. In fact in saying that I realise that there are enough hours in the day and we have a choice of how to use them. Maybe I should have used them differently. Humph. I'll think about that later. 

It is just a gentle reminder that at this time of year when many people are excessive in their eating that others are struggling. Thank goodness for people like Geoffrey who continue to keep us up to date on how he chooses to spend his time. 

The Devon & Cornwall Food Association presents:
The Pasta Pesto Pledge!

As well as environmental impact of landfill, increasing food prices and recession have meant a high rise in demand for food by those most in need. The Devon & Cornwall Food Association's (DCFA) 'FullFilling' project aims to divert quality in-date food from landfill and use this to supply organisations in Devon and Cornwall that feed disadvantaged people. DCFA currently supports around 15 local organisations including Age Concern, Foodbank and The Shekinah Mission.

In the first 42 weeks of running (with only volunteers and no premises) DCFA prevented almost 11,500 litres of milk as well as large quantities of cream from going to landfill, saving more than £11,000 for charitable organisations who could use the money to support more people. (See our weekly statistics for the latest updates.) DCFA is now seeking funding to expand its pilot to include many more food suppliers. This requires permanent premises, training funds, transport and staff to manage the process and support our committed volunteers.

To make this a reality DCFA is asking you to get involved in our 'Pasta Pesto Pledge'. This involves swapping a more expensive meal for Pasta Pesto (one of the cheapest and healthiest meals around) and donating the difference to the DCFA via This could be a family meal once a week, a one off event or a Pasta Pesto Party for the whole community. Furthermore, every pound donated could be matched. There is a cap, so the quicker you donate the more money the DCFA is likely to get and the more vulnerable people will be fed this winter. If you don't like Pasta Pesto, then be creative or donate anyway!

Please email if you would like to become a friend of DCFA and receive regular updates about how your money is making a difference.

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  1. Thanks for this, Joey. I'm up for it and shall spread the word