Friday, 9 September 2011

Thank Goodness For Simon!

Working with family is a absolute bonus for me but not always such a pleasure for them. Today Lottie was under the weather but I had a lot to do at the hub so she came with me. I put her to work so she probably would have had a more restful day at school. She made signs, lugged boxes around, sorted the stalls and made me an amazing badge with my name on it. For some reason I was blessed with the most helpful child and I couldn't cope without her. I was also blessed with a mother who 'does'. She came by at 1pm and worked solidly until 6pm. Tomorrow mum is in charge of tea and cakes. She has also made her amazing chocolate brownie, sorted the jam jar tombola and given me hugs. But it was Simon who made all this possible. Without his vision and hard work, I wouldn't have a hub and I wouldn't know all the amazing people I do. He is top dog and his trojan workhorse attitude means everyone who benefitted from the cafe or is loving being a part of the hub has Simon to thank. Only we don't. We forget to, or people don't realise what he does to make all this possible and then when things get hectic he is first in line for an ear-bashing from me which he doesn't deserve. So Simon, when I had my hissy fit this afternoon, I forgot myself and forgot how lucky I am and what I should have said was thank you for making all this possible. 

The hub is nearly sorted for tomorrow's craft and cake fair. I am not sure how it took so long to sort (but I may have something to do with it). Lovely Rachael came by to help. She left some friends at home baking and got an urgent call as the cakes didn't rise so they moved on to crispy cake. It sounds like this was repeated a couple of doors up at Zoe's (Queen of the Victoria sponge). Something in St Leonards is affecting the rising of cakes. I am sticking to flapjack - I'm not taking any risks! Becky made a fruitcake and then had to tell her little girl Sophie why she couldn't have a slice (poor thing) and Roberta dropped off a huge box of cookies. I may just lock the doors and have a private feast. 

I put up some signs outside the hub to say that tomorrow we are having a cake and craft fair and people came pouring in. Men with tape measures wanted to see the roof and have a cuppa (I gave them wolfpaw's information); Jacqueline came to introduce herself, she is a health detective (I love that); three lovely tourists came by and were very disappointed that they wouldn't be in Exeter tomorrow as they wanted some badges so Lottie sold them two; Clare came by to drop in her material and wool to sell to make herself some pocket money (if you are interested in doing the same let me know and I will explain how), and plenty more came to stick their heads around the door...and that's when we're not open!!!

We are really excited about tomorrow. It'll be such fun. Please do come and join us between 10:30 and 2pm. We would really appreciate your support. Bring a cake if you can for our cake sale or just bring yourselves and eat other people's baking.


  1. See you tomorrow, hope you sleep well! Sounds like you need it! Xx

  2. Congratulations to Lottie for the first sale,
    hope shes feeling better :0)