Saturday, 10 September 2011

Craft & Cake Fair Number 1

Thank you to all those who came along to our cake and craft fair today and those who supported us by baking or shopping. We loved seeing you all, we loved being there and we are going to do it all over again on the first Saturday of each month. But we want to get better so if you have an idea, something you loved, something you didn't love...please share it. Email or use Facebook. We will improve faster with your help :)
I didn't take the photos below so thank you to those that did. I thought Ben did but he features in a lot of them and he's clever but not that clever so it's a bit of a mystery. Ben is my little brother and he's off to University in a week but one of the highlights of the day was when he asked if he could help in the future. Another highlight was when Jan turned up. Our Jan from the cafe who I miss terribly when it comes to things like this. Also my Lottie made a new friend in Sharon's Tom. They got very excited at times and I can only apologise if Lottie mowed you down whilst darting about. But Tom and Lottie you were great, such spirit and that's always a good thing. I loved Zoe and Maddie being there at the start and wished they could have stayed longer - but they extended their parking once and brought in two victoria sponges, you can't ask for more than that. And Becky with the first cake sale of the day with her fruit cake. Barbara's lucky visitors will be tucking into that tomorrow afternoon. The cakes that turned up were incredible and I know the time and effort you put into baking them. Poor Em who went to the cupboard to look for her cake decorations only to discover her husband had eaten them all! We also had an amazing array of people come in. Rachael (our stitcher) was booked for a birthday party, Lottie's teacher came in to organise a school trip, we have new member of knit and natter, discounts arranged for our hub users at a local shop, offers of teachers for courses, next year's chairman of the red coat tour guides made contact, regulars from Cullompton came by to rate the flapjack just like they used to (I got a 9 out of 10), crafters came in and wanted to sell next time, I put faces to names on Facebook - what a brilliant day. Thank you to everyone who supported us and Jane, who was poorly, I missed you there and will see you at the next one on Saturday 1st October. An especially big thank you to my mum who worked so hard and was never anything other than positive and sparkly even after a week of helping and a late Saturday of washing up, to Rachael who has done so much in the run up, Sharon who just keeps up the enthusiasm and is has ideas ideas ideas and Em who gave up a kiddy-free day to help us. 

Here is our photo gallery...

Ben makes his own entertainment! 
Sharon decked out the alley
I don't know how they got this shot as Mum ran
the cake stall all by herself and was brilliant
Sharon's stall and I have seen what she has planned for the next sale :)
Ben's jamjar tombola made a lot of little people very happy
People loved the advent calendars - I like an organised shopper
The badge-making was such fun (I sound like Miranda's mum!)
It must have been lunchtime - this is a great shot!  
Wickedly chocolate brownies 

Tea break
Busy bunnies
chat chat chat chat chat 
Sharon has serious plans for this event.  
Look at Ben peeking through! It's like Where's Wally but Where's Ben! 
Sharon never stops making things look better... 
Sharon's making an escape!
Someone's taking arty photos - but just look at our view
Chris looking very serious
Amelia from the Cafe days chatting to Rach
Em just checking the cakes are OK
My mummy wins the 'Worker of the Week' award x


  1. Fabulous day...well done everyone! There was a real atmosphere. Thank you to Lottie and Tom for looking after Sophie and helping her with her badge. Flapjack was ace. Little Stitch toy is ready to be wrapped up for Sophie's birthday. Will look forward to the next one...and will pass the word around before then! Xx

  2. Bo, it looks FANTASTIC!! What an amazing start - really wish I could have been there, have been thinking of you all day! Xx

  3. It was so lovely to see you and everything looked fantastic. Hope to see you knitting! X