Thursday, 1 August 2013

An Incredible Week

It's been one of those incredible weeks where you have no expectations that anything amazing will happen. It's the start of the summer holidays so, alongside lots of groups taking a break for the summer, I am juggling having Lottie with me and being in the hub. Luckily for me she is loving being here. A constant stream of people to play with, talk to and look after means she gets to play hostess. A role she fits very well.

The visitors have been a real mixture of holidaymakers thrilled to see the roof and have a well-deserved cup of tea and a nibble on a flapjack and our extended hub family with some new local visitors thrown in for good measure. The holidays always change the dynamic. We have more children around, people change the days they visit the hub, new people poke their nose through the door and this mix up brings with it fresh conversations, budding friendships and new ideas. It's been great to hear news of houses being sold after two years on the market, people finding the hub and it's just what they are looking for and people being able to signpost people to places that will help. People stories are so important to us. It's amazing see the difference in a person when things are going right for them.

The cooler weather seems to have spurred people on to getting busy again after the lethargy the hot weather brings. A flurry of emails from people planning new ventures for September brings with it lots of excitement.

Here's some of out team in the press...

Sparkly Sonia who runs lots of session at the hub is in the Devon Open Studios:

Darren Marsh who has worked with us and is a long time hub supporter is in Ex Magazine as he was book-signing at Abode:

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