Saturday, 27 August 2011

The Suggestions Keep Coming...

And the suggestions keep coming...
Makey Bakey Art 
Wakey Wakey, Makey Bakey
Make and Bake, Bring and Take (thank you Niece Rosie)

For those that are asking about the term Pop-Up Cafe, it means a cafe that pops up occasionally but isn't permanent - perfect for the hub. 

Thank you for all the suggestions and the first cake and craft event is on 10th September. Time to be confirmed.


  1. Hi Joey, I love reading your blog, if we are in town tomorrow (dreaded shoe shopping) we may pop by to say hello....Catherine

  2. Oh Catherine, I was at the hub all day (apart from a little shopping trip to Jewsons). Did I miss you? If I did...big "Bother". And how did the shoe shopping go? I am going to put Lottie in either wellies or sandals on the first day back as I completely forgot about shoe shopping and she is away now until Sunday. Hope to see you really soon x