Wednesday, 17 October 2012

BLOG: October 17th 2012

I am a lucky sausage because my days fly by. It means I am busy and happy but I do know what it feels like for days to drag and nights to feel endless and that is happening for a lot of people at the moment. The hub seems to spread a little sunshine. It certainly brings sunny moments my way. 

The days are peppered with gems. I know the hub is rocking and rolling at the moment because this time last year (when we first opened) I could remember every detail of the day when I blogged, whereas now I struggle to remember it all. 

Lauren was working on her mosaic in the basement yesterday, and I was using the same space as a makeshift office. We could hear the choir from upstairs. They sounded so good (although I was keener on the songs from Aladdin than 'Morning has Broken' - school killed that one for me). I asked why Peter had chosen Aladdin's 'Whole New World'. I had the cassette tape of the whole Aladdin soundtrack when I left for university and used to play it when I felt a long way from home and couldn't sleep so I am fond of it.  I was googling the lyrics so I could sing along. Anyway *witter witter* it turns out that the line '...magic carpet ride' was enough to ensure it was selected. It is after all the Magic Carpet Community Choir and we are blessed with a choirmaster who notices things like that. 

We had a wonderful visit from Sally Sedgeman who livened the place up no end and gave me plenty to think about. 

Crafting session was busy with all sorts of people. My alien is now painted a pearly blue. Others in the group were a little more productive and creative. We had lots of families in for coffee too. 

There was Carolyn's Choir in the evening (I was at home showing support with a bit of Karaoke with Lottie). 

This morning during Yoga, Simon and I met with Anne in our first office meeting. It is hugely satisfying to sort niggles and design new systems. 

Coffee time was lovely and busy. Knitting group's Liz brought us in a fabulous lined battenburg tea cosy which fitted like a glove on our tea pot and kept the tea warm for ages. Brilliant. I started knitting (to some surprised looks) and ended up restarting twice before giving up. I will make a tea cosy somehow. It's such a lovely group. Cathy, Pauline, Sarah, Isobella, Fiona, Cat, Charlie, Rachel, Liz and me. 
Liz had a new jumper to show support for
National Wool Week :)

Penny wearing the new battenburg tea cosy
Baking club was a quieter one today but the traybakes were great. Lauren won baker of the week with her unbelievably addictive chocolate chip cookie topped cheesecake. We had Isobella and Fiona join the group today. In a fortnight the theme will be halloween/autumn baking. Thank you Geraldine for washing up.

Lauren and I dashed off to collect more smashed pottery from Mash Barton and we sifted through it as I need to return the containers tomorrow morning. My cut fingers feel really sensitive but we found some gems in the rubble. A headless chicken, a mug that played the Star Wars theme tune (much to our surprise) and a hedgehog (which for a few seconds thought may have been worth a bob or two as it's a 1948 Briglin hedgehog - but it's only worth £4 on eBay). 

I went upstairs to do the books while I waited for Tai Chi to arrive. I walked into the office to find this on the table...'s our first tea cosy entry. 

But I ended up chatting to Alexander Teacher Trisha for so long the Tai Chi class started without me realising. Whoops. 

Lauren has been planning Halloween's Baking Club...

Sparkly Sonia brought in the poster she made for Penny to promote her vegetable scheme. 

I had a tweet about this which looks really cool. A group may be using the hub on Saturday to support eachother at the start of National Novel Writing Month. 

Maybe see you tomorrow... 
Tomorrow at the hub...with have art class with Rebecca De Mendonca, History of Architecture, Intermediate English Classes with The Olive Tree and then Argentine Tango last thing. I am meeting to ladies to talk about a future drop in group, I need to get in touch with the press about our Tea Cosy Competition, there's some left over millionaires' shortbread to finish up, I am off to drop boxes back to the lovely Hospiscare in Marsh Barton who are the nicest people and so helpful. Lauren will be edging her tree in beach glass (I remembered Lauren- it's by the front door)
If you want to collect an entry form for The Great Exeter Tea Cosy Competition, the red hub door is open for most of the day and the flyers/entry forms are just inside the door. 

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