Sunday, 4 September 2011

Sunday's News

I thought on Sunday I might have nothing to say but no chance! So here goes...

I spent the morning washing Mr Johnson's jam jars. There are over 40 sparkling clean jars waiting to be filled with goodies for the jam jar tombola. It's going to be good and I have roped in my brother now as a helper :)

Then my Lottie came home and we headed into town for shoes but not before dropping off all the crafting  things to the hub ready for 'Our Arty Ones' badge-making session on Tuesday. Lottie had a sneaky go to make a present for Jane as we were off to her party in the afternoon. I love it. 

We grabbed lunch and school shoes (in and out of Clarkes in 7 minutes - got to be a record) and rescued Sharon who wasn't sharing the shoe-shopping success that we were having. We took her and her lovely boys off to the hub for a coffee. Tom said my hub was, "Massive!" I think that is a compliment but he's way too cool for us. We put a limit on two badges each so the kids moved on to other things whilst Sharon and I talked crafting. 

Stool Hats! 
Better from behind?
"Why can't three children stand in a row for a photo?!!!"
This was all Tom's idea
So Lottie thought she'd compete with a cow impression. 
Sometimes the best times are the ones that are unplanned and have no expectations.

Sharon and co. went off for food and we headed to Exmouth for Jane's party. Lottie taught origami tulips to those who wanted lessons and before we knew it it was time for home but not before we had honed our origami star pot making skills.

My printer has taken to printing in stripes so thank you to Sal for printing off our posters on the way home which are now in the safe hands of Rachael who, along with her lovely Abbie, put posters all over Exeter today and is now restocked for tomorrow. Good job R & A.

En route home we had a photo message from Sharon who had taken a large bunch of keys home as they were fixed on a large metal ring and we need them off the ring for a project at the hub. I asked Lottie to read the text as I do when I am driving. She said in a matter of fact kind of way, "Sharon has used a chainsaw to cut off the keys," 
"She WHAT?!" 
It turns out Lottie isn't au fait with her saws. Chainsaw/hacksaw - much the same thing to a Lottie. 
Good job Sharon. Rather you than me!
This evening I had a lovely email. Sarah Hewlett who is a fabulous reflexologist and accupressurist and who supported us whole-heartedly at the cafe has offered us her beautiful dolls' house. She says we can use it as a hub project. That is such a gift as no one owns a dolls' house without becoming attached to it and loving it so it is being entrusted to us and we will take good care of it. Now the problem is my interior decorating skills are shocking (please see my home for details) so if anyone is interested in helping with our project let me know. We can't make any changes to our Grade 1 listed hall but we can have fun with our dolls' house. 

So Rachael, Abbie, Sarah and Sharon....thank you. 


  1. Thank you for fitting me in to your hectic schedule today. It was lovely to see you and Lottie did an amazing job keeping the adults occupied with origami projects. My badge is wonderful and I shall wear it to work tomorrow x x

  2. We had a fab time. Lovely people, lovely cheese straws, delicious lemon drizzle cakes, well-crafted cheese & pineapple on sticks, beautiful bunting - a proper party x