Monday, 12 September 2011


I tempted fate. I joked about repetitive strain injury from the badge maker. Fortunately my wrists are fine. Unfortunately my back isn't. Fortunately I work in the field of health. Unfortunately the osteopaths haven't moved in yet...I could go on but I will spare you. 

Today I bought an 4 metre olive worktop. Very snazzy and it's going to look great. Unfortunately it has nothing to rest on at the moment. Fortunately I know a man with a B&Q trade card. And I'm going to have an en suite loo for the hub. Very posh! The worktop isn't for the hub (just in case any of the teachers are reading this and think their floor space is going to be impinged upon) it is for the dispensary in the reception area of Notaries House Health Centre which is through the door at the back of the hub. 

Waterlilies Lottie has uploaded a new video onto YouTube "How to Make an Origami Waterlily". I made a video too but it didn't pass quality control. 
This morning I had a text from my dear friend Zoe (who's birthday was yesterday but in the excitement of the craft fair I sort of forgot and am not proud of myself) asking where to get the origami paper Lottie uses. Within minutes thanks to Amazon it was on its way to her as a belated birthday present. If anyone else is interested it is called Djeco and it's stunning paper. Our favourite is this one. Grangran was the first one to give us Djeco things - good taste.

Tomorrow I am planning the next Hub craft fair for 1st October. Any thoughts or ideas please email me on or leave a comment below. 

P.S. Laura I can't find your comment anywhere. I know you said you left one but it's evaporated! 


  1. Hi! Did try to leave comment last night, but after typing for ages my phone then turned itself off and I swore very loudly! The gist of last night's comment was that it was obviously fate you went to that car boot sale and I was glad all those lovely craft materials went to a good home! And also reminded me to revisit Teignmouth pier...

    As for 1st October, I can't think of anything to do differently except maybe advertise more. But you'd done a pretty good job of posters etc...maybe you could come up with an email version of your poster that we could all email around to friends/work etc?

    I will speak to my mother in law about her knitted toys and bring her in to meet you. Will definitely be able to make some more cakes.

    now got to go and make picnic to take to Crealy tomorrow! Eeek!


  2. That's going to be a blustery picnic! Thank you for the ideas on Facebook too and I love the email poster idea. Well done you and keep the ideas coming. If you don't sleep tonight think how many more you could come up's a small price to pay!!!