Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Printing Party

It’s been a brilliant day. Lisa moved her art group to the open session at noon and it started with just mum and me but by the end we had a printing party going on. Fleur and Sonia (a play ranger who I last saw wrapped up against the elements at Topsham rec last winter) popped by and got into the spirit of things by producing some amazing printing blocks out of polystyrene. Sonia is going to sell some of her artwork at our Christmas fair. We only met at 12:30pm today...see what popping into the hub can do! A lady called Amanda, who was planning to go home until she came across our printing session, joined us too, along with Ellen and rebel Sophie did some knitting instead of printing whilst little Thurza slept. There was a real buzziness and Lisa did a great job to get around us all. Love busy!
This afternoon we had another Ford Symey visitor who used to work in the building. I think they must have employed half of Exeter at some time or another. He wished us lots of luck and went on his way. Then, when I was bringing in the boards, I met two lovely ladies who have just moved to Exeter and were looking around at what was available. After being robbed at the library earlier in the week (but she caught the thief - you go girl!) she needed to know that Exeter was full of good ‘uns really. 

We have some exciting things happening at the hub in the next few days. Tomorrow Sophie is starting baby signing classes at the Hub from 2-2:45pm on Wednesdays. These classes are perfect for babies ages 6-9 months, however any children from 4 months - 2 years can join in. Just pop along tomorrow if you would like to find out more. Pop-in sessions are £5 (I think Sophie does a lower rate when you sign up for a whole course). I am allowed to go (even though I am slightly over 2 years old). I love learning signing. I learn a new sign every time I see Sophie. I can say, “hurt cow milk cat thank you chicken.” Which won’t get me very far at the moment but we all have to start somewhere.

It is knitting group tomorrow and we have new members coming along. It is a relaxing space to learn to knit or you can use it as a time to dedicate undivided attention to a knitting project in good company. The kettle is always on and you would be more than welcome. This is a free group with donations for refreshments. 


  1. Hee hee I am the rebel knitter! Thirza looks funny asleep like that! I hope you enjoyed babysign, Joey- you know lots of signs now!! See you soon :)

  2. I have such a lovely photo of your baby sining group but I should probably ask everyone before we use it.

  3. Fuck you guys What the hell are you doing there
    Move your fucking ASS out of here. . .


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